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Hey guys,

I went to put something in the boot last night and noticed in the little spot on the driver side that there was a small puddle of water there. It had been raining heavy the past couple days. At any rate I panicked and began thinking RUST so I dried it up and all. Note, the center and passenger side of the trunk were dry. Just the driver side had water.

At first I thought it might be the weather seal around the trunk or something, but then I caught a thread on another forum. The guy in that thread had the exact same issue as me, even down to which side of the car. They told him in that thread that it could be either a leaky tail light seal, or the tubing for the sunroof drain. They said it can get plugged or become disconnected, and leak.

So I went snooping in my trunk and I found something that could very likely be the culprit, but I'm not sure. It's a rigid, silver tube that runs from around the trunk hinge, along the length of the trunk, and just stops right around the tail light. It just sorta hangs there with an open end, and this little clip piece on it. It looks like it's supposed to be hooked to something, but isn't. I looked all around to see if there was an end that it might go to, but I found nothing. Does anyone recognize what I'm talking about? Is it related to my water problem? And either way, what does it do and where should I re attach it at? lol Thanks so much for any help guys.

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