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vw gtd's are no problem for it, same for these 2.3l ecoboost mustangs (those are very popular here)
Oh, I'm not surprised in the slightest. The power you have now in knocking on Golf R performance I'd suspect and those are 1500+ kg . As for the GTD, they're quicker than I imagined, reckon they've got plenty of torque and 184 PS is not to be sniffed at. Yeah, I've seen a good few of those Ecoboost Mustangs here, all down to annual road tax and emissions ratings. Really, four pot's are not right for such a car, it's just plain wrong. It's just a matter of go big (V8) or go home when it comes to the Mustang.

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Ndrmini this was my stock boost map


this is my current boost map below...
for people that don't know 0 means fully open bypass valve, and 255 means fully shut bypass valve (full boost).
it is plotted against RPM vs LOAD

it ramps on very aggressively and loves to spin the tyres!!
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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