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This is a repost (bad form I know) but it is under a clearer topic headding such that others may find it easier. Forgive me.

I've utilized the knowledge base of this forum many times, but I've never actually contributed to it. I'm a bit excited.
I had water coming into the cabin around the bonnet release lever. After a heavy rain water would seep into the cabin and straight pour into the cabin under accelaration. It turns out my drain tube was full of leaves, sticks and random debris. The area that filled with water is under the brake fluid reservior and fuse box. Water is suposed to be collected in this area and then drained into the wheel well as is evident by the water collection pan afixed above the reservior and fuse box. However, if water does not drain properly it enters the cabin via the holes through which your bonnet release cable and other wires are routed into the cabin.
The drain hole on the driver's side is not accessable from the top, you must come at it from the bottom. I rate the difficulty level at about 2 of 5, 2 also being changing you own spark plugs or changing your own oil.
Remove the driver side front tire. You must then remove the half of the wheel well cover toward the cabin. There are four or five plastic nuts, a screw at about 12 o'clock in the wheel well and you will have to remove one of the screws you usually take out to change your oil from underneath. I don't remember exactly how may screws and nuts that need to be removed, but just look around, they are not hidden. Once the nuts and screws are removed you will find that the wheel well cover has a rubber edge that tucks up under the outer edge of the fender. Take a finger at about 12 o'clock and work the rubber edge out all the way around and the rest of the cover will just come out.
With the wheel well cover removed you will see a black tube protruding from the inner wheel well at about 1 o'clock. Grab it firmly and wiggle it out. In my case it was indeed full of leaves, dirt, etc. Clean it out. At this stage you will see that the bottom portion of this tube is designed to expand and contract. I will not try to explain it in words, but when you have it in your hand it will be clear. I'm not suggesting you should do this, but I took a razor knife and cut the expandy/contracty part off, as I think it contributed to the over all problem. At this point I also used a water hose to flush out the area to remove any leaves etc. that were in this area. If you do this, do yourself a favor and do not spray the fuse box. It seams sealed, but don't test fate.
Once you have cleared all obstructions push the entire top portion of the tube back into the hole. Pull gently in a circular motion such that the bottom portion of the gromet pulls out, but the upper portion stays in the hole. The tube should be firmly secure in the hole. Then just reasemble the wheel well cover and tire. No left over nuts and bolts now.
I also found the same type of drain tube on the passanger side, but to get to it I removed the cabin filter, the battery and the battery tray. The drain hole is toward the fender, half concealed by a wire harness. At this point it should be easy to find. Just stick your finger in it to push the debris out. I also flushed with a water hose. Reassemble battery tray, battery and cabin filter.
REJOICE! You just saved $500 that you did not give to a stealership mechanic that is cleaner than a M.D.
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