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Water fuel

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Ok a friend of mine over the weekend tuned his early '90's Ford Taurus to run on water, according to him his doing something like 70-80MPG!!

He showed me this clip to convince me, since at first i thought he was joking

YouTube - Water Fuel Car

So.... this got me thinking.. The first water powered 190 anyone??

Furthermore, according to him the car feels like its on nitrous at all times. He drove from montreal to Vermont and back (Roughly 200km) and apparently the gaz needle still hasn't moved.

I'm extremely curious about this.... any thoughts anyone??
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Sounds bogus to me; the infernal internal combustion engines in our cars need fuel (hydrocarbons) to produce power, and water, although composed of hydrogen & oxygen, isn't fuel! ..... there has been some success introducing small amounts of water into the combustion phase of very large, slow turning diesel engines (producing steam, not "burning" it) but our little automotive engines have never shown that capability.... I'll bet there's more going on in the Taurus than meets the eye...
If we're passing along hyperlinks to peruse in support of our thoughts on this subject, here's one that's not part of a pyramid scheme or conspiracy theory:
Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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