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(As of Oct 2020) My 2002 E55 AMG Designo Edition; 2016 F-150 3.5 TT
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2002 E55 AMG Designo Silver

I have to add Designo Edition colors are:

(a) Mocha Black - Color code 033 - exterior
Light brown Nappa lthr with Natural elm wood trim - interior

(b) Designo Silver - Color code 029
Dark Green & Charcoal Nappa lthr with Natural maple wood trim - interior

- I have combo "a" :)
- In my opinion combo "b" is very rare or it may not even exist here in the States.

I guess I would have the Very rare 54k Mile as of (5-09) Designo Silver Amg ;)
And yes It does exist, heres my vid, I see someone else posted it, Thanks! YouTube - Testing My 2002 E55 AMG W210 4EveRomeo

Charcoal Nappa Leather with Natural Maple Wood... my benz mechanic called it the Sharkskin Color. It is a Designo Color also found on some S class.

When I was shopping for a benz, I always wanted the 94' w124 E500....
but a nice guy named "MegaDiesel" suggested I buy an E55...
more then a year later I found one and bought it back in 2006.
Happened to be the rare one :)



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