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Hi all,
Took my clk 230 1999 to a garage with a special interest in mercedes(Guy who used to work for a franchise) for my annual service.
I told him the batteries in my keys were gone, one completely gone for ages, the other performing erratically of late.He made some comment at the time about how it was probably the central locking although I had problems opening the boot as well.
When I came back in the evening, 7 hours later he told me that he had fitted a used central locking pump,and charged me £100 plus vat, on top of the £165 plus vat for the B type service.
He told me that I didn't want a new one as they cost over £300.
He didn't offer me the old part and I am wondering if he did anything other than change the batteries in the keys.
Any tips for checking this out would be gratefully received.
Or any opinions??
Thanks in advance,
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