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had a recall done on the car almost a year ago the part replaced was the front Front Axle Carrier.
When it was done i notieced ever time i pressed the brakes while driving a little harder then normal the car would make a clunk sound almost like it was a transmisson skipping a gear its weird . I noticed this only when they did the recall i figured maybe it needed time to settle in . hind sight on cars parts work or they dont there is no settleing in. Problem is if i call and tell them that they are going to respond why didnt you say anything right away or pin it on me . even if they look at the car they might try to charge me for it even though its there fault or a faulty part . I would not be suprised if they used a used part , but somthing is not right . I know others have had this recall have you had any problems or heard any sounds
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