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Hey all,

If you have auto insurance with USAA and you get a call from someone saying something like "I'm calling on behalf of USAA to update or verify your auto policy" then feel free to tell them you'll speak with USAA directly. They even send you a official looking 'USAA letter' a few days in advance that makes it seem as if it's directly from USAA. If you look at the sender's address it's located in Florida where PSI is located, nice job PSI...

PSI is a vendor with USAA and USAA has them collect information on you so they can potentially charge you more for home owners or car insurance. They have no information on you except for the number that USAA gave them, so they'll ask you EVERYTHING about your policy. Don't fall for this!

When these clowns called me and said their calling on behalf of USAA I paused.. then I told them if you're not with USAA I have no business with you. I told them not to call me anymore. I then rang up USAA and proceeded to reem them in the ass for giving out my number to their so called 'vendor' to collect information. I told them if they give out my number to anyone else I will look elsewhere for insurance. :mad:

If they called and told you straight away they are form PSI and they are collecting info for USAA then it's a different story but they are misleading thousands of people into thinking they are really USAA.

Anyway I'm just posting this thread for other current or prior serviceman and women who have USAA here at benzworld.

Here's a link to someone who used to work at PSI who had something to say about this...

if you or anyone you know has usaa insurance... - Forums
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