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WARNING: Tele-Aid Business Practices!

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THE STORY: Bought a 2007 Mercedes equipped with Tele-Aid.

Called Tele-Aid (which is Connected Vehicle Services) and spoke to a representative and purchased a two year contract at a discount ($392). So far so good. But the system would not activate so I was instructed to go to a M-B dealer to have the system flashed. Dealer is an hour's drive away, and I was told that there was an hour's labor charge to flash the system (turns out they would do it for free).

As a result I decided to cancel the NOT ACTIVATED subscription (and to think about mbrace as an option). Called Connected Vehicle Services -- they would cancel the service but NOT REFUND my charges, even though I had not used the service. Moreover, at the time of the sale I was not informed that the purchase would be non-refundable (unless you sell the car or it is totaled). Nor does it say this on the website. Nor do you get any paperwork and a notice of non-refundability.

Forewarned is forearmed -- compare Tele-Aid to mbrace. When you make your decision know that Tele-Aid will not let you cancel and get a refund, regardless of whether or not your system is activated.
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Thanks for the tip. I didn't know Tele-Aid was even available any longer. For another phone related issue, my T-A module was ungraded under warranty from analog to digital so at that time I was set, probably 5 years ago. The dealer offered me a contract for $240/year but I declined.
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