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Warm greetings

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Hi to all member of the forum
It is pleasure to be part of your forum. I’m an all the time lover of the Mercedes Benz cars. I’m delighted to part of you
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Welcome to the forum
To find your section please click forums top left, or complete forum listing on the right, and scroll down to the correct sectio for your car.
Your thread has already been copied there
W203 C-Class
2001-2006 : C200 CDI, C220 CDI, C270 CDI, C180, C200, C230, C240, C320
On the benzworld bar top right, clicking the 3 vertical dot option menu next to your avatar, or clicking your avatar let you edit your profile, change settings, or search the forum archive for threads related to your issues, and more..
Clicking FAQ will show how to navigate the forum, and search your section of the forum archives for related threads.
Its a good idea to include the mod and year (like 2004 C240) of your car visible to everyone reading your posts (similar to my profile next to this), it helps generate responses.
Members wanting to give correct advice are not likely to search through an entire thread for your posts mentioning the engine / mod of your car.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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