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1967 W110 Universal, 1980 W116 300SD
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I need a rear seat to fit a W116 chassis sedan (1980 300SD). Color is not important as I can replace the skins. I want one with no (or very little) rust and springs in good shape, with decent paint on the frames and pan. All the ones I find locally are rusty and broken down. One from a 6.9 with the extra reinforcing springs would be neat. I also need the rubberized pads, in good condition. I would prefer a local seller so I can pick up and not pay for shipping, but I suppose if it was carefully wrapped that it could all go by Greyhound.

On a side note, I am also looking for front and rear tan (bamboo) seat skins in MB-Tex vinyl. The condition of the piping or center pleated sections is not important as I am two-toning my interior and will be using brown center sections and piping. I could use a set of brown (tobacco) headrests as I need a second set for the back seat.

Zip code is 98404, Tacoma, WA.
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