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wanted, rear tire cover

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looking for chrome rear spare tire cover? g280
anyone know of a used one or a good internet shop to order from?
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Good call G1979. I actually have one of those hard covers by Roll Masters on my G, one that's actually meant for the 285/75-16 tires on a Hummer H3. I thought the cover was well priced at $300, especially considering that the OEM cover front plate alone costs $600 at the dealer! The cover was of high quality, made of steel with an ABS cover plate. I had it painted at my local body shop to match the truck and it looks just like a factory accessory. Total out the door cost was $405 and some change and it fits my 285/75-16 tires, which the factory cover will not. Now if you want the factory look without the $, order the 265/75-16 Hummer H3 chrome trim ring from Roll Masters and then buy a used OEM front plate off Ebay for $125 or so, get the plate painted by your local body shop, and you should be good to go for about $300-$375.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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