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WANTED..... A few small s/h parts needed

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Hi Guys,

I'm after a few secondhand parts to bring my V220 Ambiente (638) right up to scratch............

4 of Alloy Wheel Bolts (longer than the ones for steel wheels)

Ambiente Badge from top centre of automatic gear lever knob

Ashtray for rear of car in side panel (not the whole unit, just the ash tray)

A couple of front electric window switches (they clip into panel in front doors)

If anyone has any of the bits please pm me with a price posted to IV40 (NW Scotland Highlands, but on mainland). Royal Mail is usually best and they don't surcharge like couriers ;)

I use Paypal if thats suitable, if not let me know how to pay ;)

I've currently 'borrowed' these parts from one I'm repairing, so there is no rip roaring hurry.

I'm away 5th to 12th December, but would like to replace the bits before Xmas, when my mate will be visiting and will probably want to see how I'm doing repairing his V class LOL ......... (Weldathon).

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks Mark,

Anyone ???

Cheers Dave
Thanks guys,

Sorry for the delay replying, have been away and just returned to find Log Cabin with half one side of roof tiles missing and our house satellite dish ripped off its mounts.

gixxerpat you have a pm ;)

Cheers Dave

Sorry, reply sent,

Been busy patching roof on cabin :(

Cheers Dave
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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