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Want to upgrade my W461 exterior to look like G350d Professional

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Hello Guys,

i would like to face lift my G Wagon,a 1996 GD290.
Any idea where I would find the grill, bumpers,lights and all accessories to make it look like the on the pictures?


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If I were you, I'd leave the front lights and bumper. Your existing hardware is better than what you'd be replacing it with. I would make the following changes:
Replace the wheels & tires. Depending on the new wheel's offset, add the fender flares to match. The newer G-Wagons use a wider axle than the older W460's. Black and/or Hutchison would be preferred.
Replace the mirrors (although yours have superior visibility and are better when towing). The older mirrors will blend-in better when you add the snorkel & roof rack.
Add the snorkel & roof rack. These two changes will alter the looks more than anything else guaranteed.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts