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Want handling upgrade on a budget?

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Well, I did. Since I was in absolutely no position to purchase AMG Monoblocks and new tyres, and I seriously needed new tyres, I decided to go with the Kumho KH11 Grand Touring Summer tyres 235/60-16 from Tirerack, instead of the Michelin MXV4 or Dunlop SP Sport A2. The agressive tread pattern is NOT just for looks. And the car now handles a lot like what it was supposed to be like - attributed to better tyres, and of course newer tyres both did the job. The side wall is more stronger, and erect (square) as well compared to the Michelin MXV4. Again, the assymetrical pattern looks good on the car as well, and since it is not unidirectional, it still permits any-way rotation of the tyres. The grip is rated AA, the speed rating is W, and the single solid rubber block in the centre of the tyre allows for great stability at high speed. I was told that these tyres were not great for rain. I found them to be very very good compared to the Michelins I had. These are the Michelin Primacy "copies", but at less than half the price. I am doing an overhaul of the machine, and will post pics soon. Questions? Feel free to ask.[:)]