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I currently have full Yakima Low Rider rack system that I used to have on my WRX and then transfered over to my old W210 wagon. With my new wagon I want to stick to OEM.

From looking thru the EPC and accessory catalogs there is 2 style of racks. The standard old style rack w/o keys and the new style stronger aluminium one w/ keys.

old style:

new style:

The old style rack (part number 2108400218) lists for $288 while the new style rack (part number 6781213964) lists for $272.

I'm really liking the old style rack even tho it cannot hold much weight. I'm not looking to put a cargo box or lumber on top of my car just my bike and a pair of skis in the winter. If anyone has an old style rack and doesn't care for it. I'll gladly buy it from you or buy you a brand new, new style one, or better yet trade you my entire Yakima Lowrider with fairing, and all accessories I have (bike attachment, locks, clamps, fairing), as well as pay for shipping both ways.

On a side note, I'm kinda digging these roof slats (part number 2108400040) and at $30 each I might pick up a set of 5 for that retro benz wagon look. If its still available and not sold out

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