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W639 sliding door not locking/unlocking

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Hi All, my 2008 Vito side rear door has decided it is no longer unlocking consistently with the remote lock/unlock. The physical lock/unlock buttons work ok from inside. So, sometimes it will not unlock remotely, more importantly, sometimes it will not lock remotely, so I need to manually lock it inside first!
I am not sure if it is simply a dirty contact somewhere or if the relay is not functioning to lock/unlock.

Anyone investigated this before?


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thanks. I have already cleaned the contacts several times, and they are showing their age.

The pins look OK, but pads are not so good.

After another clean the problem seems to be solved but probably do need new ones. I live by the sea which doesn't help.

I will look into new ones.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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