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I've replaced the front struts with new KYB's. Both the front and rear were in dire need of replacement. One of the rears was actually devoid of any oil and gas!

What a difference it makes to the Vito ... drives like new and handles so well with new KYB's at each end ... far less body roll and no pogo sticking.

It's not too difficult to do the front struts yourself and the rears are dead easy. Don't go paying big wads of cash to get it done.

The fronts take a bit of time because you may need to remove the water collection tray under the windscreen but it's not technically difficult. It would cost a lot to pay for someone and you'll do a better job anyway.

I decided to remove my water tray as it was full of dead leaves, insects, cockroaches and various animal species. It contained a primordial ooze that possibly spawned a new life form based on one of the things I saw squirming around.

I gave it a thorough cleaning after it was out.

The wiper mechanism has to be removed as well, I gave the ball joints on all the lever arms a good lubrication with spray lithium grease.

The only special tools you need are a couple of spring compressors and one of those spirit level gauges to reset your camber. I haven't done my camber yet but will tomorrow and show you how. It's a snap. I'll probably set it at negative 1 degree to make it turn in better.

I bought one of these and it's great. CAR Truck Vehicle Camber Castor Strut Wheel Magnetic Gauge Alignment Adjustment | eBay

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