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2015 W447 Vito
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I recently bought a Vito crew van (1 row of 3 rear seats) which I use for small trips like a camper. I've noticed it has a second battery under the driver's seat (UK). As far as I could find out, this is an auxiliary battery to support with all the current hungry demands of radios, lights, stop/start, etc.
As I want to use the van as a camper, I need to install a leisure battery and have taken some advice to use a battery to battery charger and connect that to the second battery already in the vehicle.
My questions are:
1) Could I not simply use the secondary battery as a leisure battery? The presumed problems with this are: it is not split from the first battery and thus I will eventually discharge the main battery as well. The battery itself is not the kind that will take large discharge/charge cycles (deep cycle batteries) because it is there to provide the quick high amp needed for starting the car.
2) If I connect a B2B charger between the second battery and whatever leisure battery I install, will the leisure battery charge at all? I fear the secondary battery will only receive charge when the car is breaking or coasting (there is an indicator on the dash for when this is happening) thus sending very little voltage to the B2B.
Thanks in advance.
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