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W246 drl replacement

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Hi all. Joined as we've recently got a b180 sport 2012 model. It's a wonderful car the only problem is that one of the drl's in the bumper doesn't work because of a crack. We've got a new light on order but I'm stumped and struggling to find out how to fit it. Do any of you knowledgable people know how to please?
Many thanks
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You don't have to remove the front bumper here. You work from behind and unbolt the front fender liner. I will attach the relevant WIS procedures.

It would be easier to jack up the car and remove the front wheel first. Then start to remove all the fixings for the front section of the liner. The WIS infers that if just the front section is unbolted, you can reach inside to remove the DRL from behind. Maybe not - you will find out.

There are clearly two versions of DRL, which are both shown here. The DRL fixings are different for the 2 versions. Regarding the 'expansion clips' (which are used by MB on many other models to hold paneling in place), use a screwdriver to pop up the center pin and the clip will then come out easily. It is reusable.


No problem - hope it works out OK.

Would you please complete your profile (with User CP at top of the page ^^^) including exact model/year/location. We only ask as this because workshop manual look-up details often depend on engine type, year and region of sale.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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