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W245 B1700 petrol 2005/6 cylinder misfire

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Hello folks,

This is w245 B1700 petrol 2005/6 with no history, basic runaround.

Cylinder four has a miss determined by pulling HT, removed plug - gap looks huge at 1.1mm although OEM plugs are set to 0,9m which I assume is just under 1mm, not 100% sure as separated by a comma, perhaps denoting something different?

If someone could confirm correct electrode gap that would be great, ordered a set of Bosch which should be here tomorrow.

The coil packs which feed 3/4 has two coils, are these independent of each other, i.e could one coil fail (out of the two) leaving the other working fine?

Complete newbie on this stuff as owned a S124 dinosaur for an age

Thanks for any pointers.
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Fascinating stuff ... not that I ever even consider touching this myself!
Now, where I can fit another camera and make it pop up on the screen automatically? :LOL:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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