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W221, The vehicle that will kill you by sufficating you with Airbags

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I just saw some articles about the new S-Class...They say this car will have about 16 airbags in the car and outside the car. The outside airbag is going to pop out from the grill to protect pedestrians. But one thing I am concern about. Some people do such a bad job at parking, if they hit a pole, will the airbag come out also? If it will, then they will have to change their grill every once in a while.

If inside the car will have around 15-16 airbags, in the future, you will see people not getting kill in the impact. But these people will die because the airbag sufficated them. I think it is just way too many airbags, and where are they gonna install these airbags?

see the link
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Well, interesting thought, but no where close to accurate. Airbags only deploy to protect the occupant from the impact they are about to experience. For example, if hit from the side in the classic T-bone collision the side (door) B pller, and curtain airbags will deploy to protect you. The steering wheel and knee airbags will most likely NOT deploy unless you also hit a concrete bridge abutment at the same time.

So the mental image of all the airbags going off at the same time and smothering you isnt' going to happen. Also when the bags deploy they inflate in that fraction of a second and then they rapidly deflate from all the little round holes in the bag which are designed for just that purpose.

The big issue we used to see with first generation bags was the smell of the explosive used to inflate the bag. Sodium Azide made people cough and hack. The new propellants in subsequent generation airbags are much less obnoxious.
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