I bought a 2000 S500 with airmatic, fixed it all up great, the day after getting a new set of Pirellis, got run into on the rear corner panel. As I'm not a body guy, I sought out another W220. Found a real AMG S55, all the paperwork, original invoice in glovebox for $102k. Was my daily driver for idk, 6-12 months. Been pulling parts off the S500, work on the AMG S55 includes but not limited to, all four ABC accumulators, tandem hydraulic pump, filters, fluid flush etc. New EIS from the stealership, fuel pump and sender swapped from the s500, coolant flush with pentosin, oil filter and change mobile 1 and Mann filter, all four cabin air filters, intake air filters, I'm sure plenty more I don't remember.

I've since bought an E350 as a daily driver and fell in love with the 4-matic as it rains often in Florida and my foot is made out of lead 馃槀. About a month or two ago sprung a hydraulic leak in the ABC system. I'm guessing with all the work I've done to ABC system it's a fitting or a hose or something stupid. My career path changed I'm now working 60 hours/week and no longer have the time for a project car to drive on Sundays. I want my driveway back, lol asking $5k for the pair, accepting all reasonable offers of course. Clean title in hand for both. Please text me 407-312-1888 as I only check my email once a week or so.