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Hi all, Here in the UK in my area the police have started pulling people for the slightest reason to perform breath tests (i have no problem with breath tests and they should be able to i think)
I have just been pulled by the police for an excuse to breath test, the breath test was negative so they turned their attention to the font of my number plates (very slightly rounded and have been told by other police previously that it was fine) and the Tints on my front side windows which are factory fitted coloured glass (not film) and double glazed (laminated), they eventually got hold of a Tintman meter and it showed 33-34%, my protests and pointing out that it was factory fitted coloured glass and would need me to completely replace the both door glass at huge expense made no difrence and i got a 14day resolution notice (14 days from 22 december just before national holidays, pointing that out had no effect either) happy bloody christmas!!!

I indicated that when sitting in the car the glass doesnt appear tinted and indeed the diference of somthing veiwed through windscreen and side windows appears only very slightly tinted?? again plod was not bothered.

My question is i wonder if the factory tint is polarised in some way and this is why from inside the car the tint appears only slight? (everyone who gets in my car comments that from inside you cant tell its tinted?) if so can it be proved and do i have a case to dispute? (i really do not want to have to change my glass and have no chance of completing in14days just before christmas?) i wonder if reversing the Tintman sensors(inside one out and outside one in) would give a diffrent reading?

appriciate any advice here, together with my recent cooked powersteering pump this got to be the worse week ive had before christmas!! :mad:

Thanks all
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