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Hi all.

I've got a UK 1999 W220 S500 and I absolutely love it.

I would however love to change the installed Nokia 3110 for something a little more modern so I may donate the Nokia to a museum where it belongs.

Either way, following a few days of research into bluetooth adapters, cradles and the such like I am now thoroughly confused and starting to believe two cups and string may be easier for communication and would love some guidance from those more knowledgable.

From what I can gather I need to change the cradle for a nokia 6130 cradle and install a bluetooth Puck, Viseo or MB and then I can connect my iPhone via bluetooth and be a happy bunny.

However more research has cast doubt on whether I now require a new control box or if Bluetooth pucks have good sound quality on D2B cars (which I believe mine is)

Can anyone here cast light on this so I can get my car sorted, I spend huge time in it now and need hands free asap.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts