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W220 s320 2000 soft close boot works but all 4 doors don't

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Pump working fine and boot lid working perfectly but all 4 doors don't even try, even after unplugging power supply to re set, wondering if computer has cut signal to it and if so will it need to be re set with the star system or anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks, Peter
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Not all W220's had Soft Close, have you ever had yours working ? (In other words you know for a fact that it is actually fitted) ...................

I have a Customer with a pretty basic W220 and that has soft Closing Boot Lid, but not Doors, I checked recently when replacing 2 Window Regulators, and indeed it did not have the Soft Close Actuators on the Door Locks ;)

Car in question was a UK Facelift S280 V6 Petrol.
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If you are doing your own maintenance, which is for a variety of reasons the only economical way to own these W220's and later MB Cars and know you are getting a good job done, then tbh, if you don't have SDS you really should consider buying one, no other machine that costs less than the decent SDS Clones, even comes close, and lesser machines will certainly let you down with faults like this ;)

It really is as essential as Spanners Screwdrivers and Sockets etc ;)

HTH :)
There are a gazillion posts on the forum about what and where and how to buy SDS ......................

To clarify current situation, you need C4 SD Connect Mux and Leads, a HDD or SSD with 2016 up s/w and a Laptop with a LAN Port, 2Ghz up Processor, and max out the RAM, don't need Serial Port for a C4 SD Connect ;)

If you also want to work on older tech MB cars get 32 bit Windows s/w and make sure the SDS s/w has working HHT Win Emulator on it ;)

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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