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W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep 2014; minor ones frequent)

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Hello folks, I have often requested a general starting point for questions and research on the W220 S-Class, something akin to the Encyclopaedia Germanica vol. 107 on the BenzWorld R/C 107 forum. Well, here it is. I don’t have all the answers, or even all the good sites, but I do have over 2500 links bookmarked that help me respond to questions on three different forums. Here are the best of them. Feel free to suggest more posts that you think should be included, via email or private message. Also, while you cannot post in this thread, feel free to add any relevant additional information or updates in the threads to which the links below will take you.

Also: The only official source of Mercedes technical information is STAR TekInfo. The cost to sign up for one day and download the documents you need is minimal. There is also a wealth of technical information on how various Mercedes systems operate in MBUSA Technical Training PDF files and at the TSB/Wiring Diagram link Pinkster provided us -

****If you do not find the answer you're looking for here, you may find it in W220 S-Class Encyclopedia - especially if you are looking for engineering specifications.

Occasionally someone will ask for help in posting photos or other attachments. For help, see post 6, Radiator Fan Smoking. To place a photo at the bottom of a post: post 7, Leather Seats - Confused after reading - To post a photo within your text: post 3, how to post with numerous pics

Brochures: There are electronic sales brochures on Mercedes models including the S-Class at Mercedes Brochure Archive - the model years are European; for example, the U.S. 2006 S-Class was a W220, but the brochure shows the '06 being a W221.

Please read this over before posting new questions. We’ll ask. If it’s already covered, we’ll just refer you back to this. If it doesn’t quite answer your questions, you’ll have many good search terms for the forum’s search tool, and you won’t have to wait as long for an answer.

REPAIR OF MERCEDES ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - Many expensive Mercedes electronic components can be repaired rather than replaced. See M & B Specialist; some of the items include Engine Control Unit (ECU), Navigation Command Unit, Instrument Cluster, Throttle Body, Central Lock Vacuum Pump, CD Changer, Amplifier, A/C Control Unit, Gear Shifter, Seat "Brain," and Airmatic system components. See more in the equipment-specific posts below.

****TECHNICAL SUPPORT BULLETINS and WIRING DIAGRAMS - Pinkster has done us a tremendous service and posted a link to TSBs and wiring diagrams for most MB models, including the W220, at Technical Service Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams - In addition to any information below, please use this resource as well. As a shortcut: Thanks, Dean!!!

HERE IS A BRIEF INDEX to help you locate topics and get to them quickly; Major headings are underlined; some topics are mentioned, but not all sub-topics are indexed. Clicking the links will take you to the post mentioned in the index.

Post 1 - Introduction and Index (You're here)

Post 2 – Reserved for expansion

Post 3 - Suspension, Part 1 - Airmatic
- W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...

Post 4 – Suspension, Part 2 – Active Body Control (ABC) and items common to both - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
ABC (Active Body Control)
Both Airmatic and ABC

Post 5 - COMAND, Nav, Handsfree Phones - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
Nav inaccurate or antenna bad
Handsfree Phone

Post 6 – MP3/iPod integration, Audio Problems, Radios and Radio Codes, Antenna Systems - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
iPod integration
Audio problems:
---Radio, Radio Codes
Antenna system function for radio, cell phone, central locking, Tele-Aid

Post 7 - BODY, Part 1 - leaks, panel removal, Trunk won’t open, RESETS, filters, noises - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
--Water in front or rear footwells; A/C fan turns but no air; or dashboard buttons do not work
-Body panel removals (with videos)
-RESETS of interior components (seats, warning lights, etc)
-Filter replacement

Post 8 – Body, Part 2 – Steering Column, Lights, Mirrors - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
---Steering column
---The trunk won't open (battery charged and battery dead)
---Lights, mirrors
---Windshield wiper malfunctions

Post 9 - BODY - Part 3 - Soft Close, PSE Pump, Wipers, Miscellaneous - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
Soft Close:
--PSE Pump
--Lumbar Adjustment Problems
--Door Lock Mechanisms
--Trunk mechanisms

Windshield Wipers:
--Fail to park
--Blades chatter
--Replacement blades
--Washer Reservoir and Pump Problems

--Making own control buttons
--Inoperative rear seat headrests
--Replacing rear seat belt
--DIY seat heaters
--R&R Exhaust system
--Repair cup holder, '00-'02 models
--Parking sensor replacement

Post 10 - Electrical Systems, Batteries, Fuses, Fuse Locations - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
Electrical systems:
---Charging system
----Voltage regulator replacement
----Battery and alternator checks
----Excess (Quiescent) battery drain
----Jump Starting
---Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Programming HomeLink (garage door opener)
Extend the range of garage door opener

Fuse Locations, Electronic Fuses, Fuse diagrams

Post 11 – SAMs, Fiber Optics and CAN Busses, Keys and Remotes - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
SAMS, SAM functions and locations

Fibre Optics Systems
---About; differences; technical data
---What kind do I have?
Controller Area Networks (CAN Busses)

--Key problems, batteries, won't turn and more
--Electronic Ignition System (EIS) problems
--Getting into the trunk without a key or power
--antenna system for central locking (and other systems)

Post 12 – Engine - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
---Acceleration problems
---CEL (Check Engine Light)
---Stalls (Crankshaft Position Sensor)
---Camshaft Position Sensor (and difference from Crankshaft Position Sensor)
---Throttle Position Sensor
---MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor
---MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor replacement
---EIS (Electronic Ignition System)
---O2 sensor
---Replace fuel quantity sensor (gas tank)
---Valve cover gasket/breather cap seal replacement
---Engine mount replacement

Post 13 - Transmission, Drive Train, Brakes, Steering, Wheels, Routine Service - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
---Shifter stuck (especially in Park)
---Reset adaptive transmission

---4Matic transfer case service bulletin
---Discussion on 5-speed (722.6) and 7-speed (722.9) Transmissions

Drive Train & Brakes:
---Sources of vibration
---Fix for "70mph vibration"
---Flex discs (Important!!)
---Maintenance and Repair of Flex Discs and Propeller Shaft Components
---Service campaign to replace transfer case, some 4Matic vehicles

---Repairing Curb Rash

-Routine Service (A and B)

Post 14 - A/C & Heating, General MB Fault Codes, System Resets - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
Air Conditioning/Heating
---Reading fault codes
---Resetting the system
---Replacing the compressor

General MB Fault Codes

Resets of nearly all systems

Post 15 - Instrument Cluster, Parts Sources, Manuals, EPC, Vehicle Documentation and DIY Repair Documentation - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...
Instrument Cluster:
--Extended Warranty vs. Recall
--Repair vs replacement
--Clock does not show the proper time
--Inaccurate outside air temperature

Parts Sources

Component Level Repair of many electrical parts

--Electronic Owners manual, COMAND manuals, and routine service items and intervals
--Approved fluids
--Voice Recognition
--Mercedes Electronic Parts catalogue (EPC)
--STAR TEC Information System (The Workshop Information System for techs)
--VIN decoders
--Vehicle Data Card and Vehicle Master Inquiry (VMI)

Post 16 - Quality, Comparisons, Maintenance Costs, Buying Advice - W220 S-CLASS ENCYCLOPEDIA - START HERE (major update Sep...

And please don't forget - if nothing works, Mercedes offers Roadside Assistance. The service call responds to your location. To get it, use Tele-Aid, or EMBRACE, call 1-800-367-6372 (1-800 FOR Mercedes) or call your local dealer. While you will have to pay for parts, the service is free if your car is under warranty, and may be free if you have been having your car maintained by a dealership. See the Error Page and add the numbers you may need to your mobile phone and car's directory.


NOTE: Because of space limitations in each post, some items have been relocated as of April 30, 2013. The index has been updated and topics added to the post titles.


Good information for new folks on any MB forum - Some New Guy Help (I hope)

As a hedge against future hacking, below is a pdf file that contains the URLs for links and videos. You may wish to download it. If links or videos in the thread are disabled, you can paste the URL into your browser window and get the information you need. I will update it periodically.


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This space reserved for expansion. Periodically we run up against the character limit of a single post, and must subdivide them.

NOTE: With the new format and the introduction of hashtag use in the forum, many items that were written as "Post # --" now show as links. They are not links. I am in the process of rewriting them as simply "Post --" but it may take a while. If you click on a post number are are taken somewhere strange, go back and click on the URL that FOLLOWS the number.

SUSPENSION - Airmatic Issues & Solutions

Difference between Airmatic and ABC post 15 - post3213557

More Airmatic and ABC differences; how to tell which you have - the fastest way, post #7 at and how can i find out if i have Active Body Control or not - Forums


NOTE: If you have been referred here from the W221 forum, general discussions on function of the Airmatic suspension are applicable to both the W220 and W221; however, some items here are specific to the W220, not the W221, especially when dealing with specific components and part numbers.

A super resource on the entire system is here:

Primer - and very good information on working on the system - posts 21-28 at

****DIY: Testing and Repair of Airmatic System (including struts) -
This document has a thorough discussion of the Airmatic system and the struts themselves.

Problem indications, post 6 at

Start of problems and strut diagrams post 15 Air-matic failed !! - Forums - Hella relay at post 18 (Relay goes in slot “O”)

For a good look at an airmatic strut and problems see

Front strut seal DIY Airmatic Strut Kit Install - Forums; videos at and

DIY on an epoxy seal for upper front strut leaks; also the instructions for upper seal replacement with OE parts -

Warning signs Airmatic Questions!! - Forums

Discussion of Airmatic problem areas Airmatic system continues to leak - help appreciated - Forums

Where to get Hella relay (W220 uses 4-prong relay) Your Parts Search Returned 0 Part(s) %26 Vacuum&[email protected] Relay/Combination Relay – if that link fails, also see and - and if you suspect a failed relay or pump, do we really have to say this? -- Check your fuses!!

No power to the Airmatic pump -

Noisy airmatic pump post 3 - also

DIY Airmatic pump replacement - the link in the post is broken, but see Eric's information starting at post 8. New: DIY videos at Mercedes Airmatic W220 Installation and in the video below - NOTE: If the video shows as a "private" video you may have to sign into YouTube to view it). And when replacing the Airmatic pump, it may be a good idea to replace the filter as well.

More interesting info on replacing just the electric motor portion of the airmatic pump -

****Rebuild airmatic pump with new dessicant - mercy-me

A deeper look at the dessicant gel question and some interesting ideas on replacing. Article is courtesy of RICH1552 on the MBWorld boards and is cross posted with permission.

****Leaky hose on Airmatic pump reveals a possible cause of 40 amp fuse blowing; see especially post #4 that follows the video

****Replacing airmatic pump filter -

****DIY Video of airmatic pump filter replacement:

Rear strut replacement at (if the video below shows as "Private" you will have to sign into YouTube to view it.)

Removing grub screw (set screw) during strut replacement -

Emergency repair post 123-129

Emergency repair of a broken line to a strut -

Valve Block replacement and (good diagrams and photos - Thanks, mercy-me!

Caution if you have a leak and raise the car on a lift – post 22 at Airmatic problem!!! Please help!!!!!!!! - Forums

Rear Axle Ride Height Sensor -

Front Ride Height Sensor diagram and photos,

Rear of car drops but struts, pump and valve block are good - an air line break? DIY replacing it
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SUSPENSION Part 2 - ACTIVE BODY CONTROL and Things Common to ABC and Airmatic


NOTE: If you have been referred here from the W221 forum, general discussions on ABC function are applicable to both the W220 and W221; however, some items here are specific to the W220, not the W221, especially when dealing with specific components and part numbers.

What does ABC do for handling? See the video at Active Body Control Videos 1. Mercedes Driving Dynamics Active Body Control 2. Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control -- Fully Active Suspension Technology

****The ABC System In Detail - http://mercedes-abc-drive-carefully...08/overview-abc-system-isthe-key-part-of.html - this is a wonderful and extensive guide on ABC by UK blogger Darren B. To preserve it, there is a pdf file at the bottom of this post (with apologies to the author for the format changes that occurred during conversion). Thanks for the tip, jnash!

Diagrams, components and more at post #4 ,

Links to many ABC issues – reliability, diagrams, problems, maintenance and more -; ABC valve block

Haoz129 has a great set of initial ABC troubleshooting steps at and maintenance posts at and as well as

Excellent discussion of the causes of problems and preventive maintenance for the ABC system (English translation at post #2 3), and a simple way to add a magnetic filter for metal particles, at post #52 -

ABC front strut top and problems can appear difficult but be simple, see sensor arm -

ABC owners will be interested in 2007 recall - S & CL Class Recall - ABC High Pressure Distribution Hose - Forums

DIY ABC Pulsation Damper & Filter Repair -

DIY ABC valve block repair (not replacement) -

****DIY rebuild of ABC pump -

A bouncy ride could be caused by a bad damper:

Dead battery can cause ABC "RODEO" problems -

What's an ABC "rodeo"?
(actually its proper name is dynamic cycling test)

ABC dust boot repair -

One owner rates coil spring replacement of ABC - not as good, cheaper.

BOTH Airmatic and ABC

ABS, BAS and ESP Warning and difficult steering – it could be nothing more than an ABS wheel speed sensor. and and

Wheel speed sensor malfunctions may also cause flashing of hazard warning lights and limit power -

DIY manuals for strut replacement,

ESP (only) light, car will not accelerate unless ESP turned off - likely an acceleration sensor malfunction. See and

DIY replacement of ball joint - and ball joint replacement Tutorial DIY - Forums

****Sway bar ball joint replacement -

****Stabilizer/Torsion Bar, Sway Bar Link replacement,

Video Replacing Lower Control Arm and Torque Strut :-

Replacing lower control arm bushings -

DIY on replacing inner tie rods -

****Steering wheel not straight after alignment - see ricebubbles' troubleshooting and solution at and especially the solution, at post 7.

Good links on suspension wear points at post #2 ,

Chasing down annoying vibrations – possible sources: and and and and

If no strut leaks, failure of any of the 3 Ride height Sensors (2 front, 1 rear) or damage/disconnection of the sensor arms may cause Car Low On One Side Or Front/Back Only; and - also see front ride height sensor diagram and photos,


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COMAND; Navigation; Handsfree or Bluetooth Phone

Android H/U Install

Thanks to jjcarr for the following much needed Posts:-


Everything you ever wanted to know Mercedes Electronics upgrades, installation and retrofits - WONDERFUL resource

What Head Unit and Nav System do you have?

For an overview of COMANDs and Nav systems as well as what firmware and map updates do, see post 30,\

****MOST COMAND APS firmware update, COMAND removal -

List of COMANDs and nav discs Mercedes Radios and Navigation

COMAND manuals and
Mercedes online manuals

COMAND and Head Unit Removal, Repair Factory Car Audio Repair For All Makes and Models - Mercedes Benz MBZ Car Stereo Removal - BOSE Car Stereo, Speaker / Amplifier Repair

Ejecting stuck CD from a COMAND 2.5 unit -

Change COMAND 2.5 (CD based) to COMAND 2.0 MOPF (CD based) - Euro specification COMANDs

COMAND intermittent - possibly a loose fiber optic connection or a bad gateway -

COMAND screen replacement
Long day and Broken Screen.. - Forums and

Component-level repair of COMAND - Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair

SCRATCHED SCREEN DIY REPAIR – Post #3 and; replacement of crazed backing,

COMAND 2.5 (D2B) diagnostic menus Mercedes COMAND Diagnostic (Service) Mode

What is D2B and how does it work? See HO D2B (CooksonI) 03-09-04.pdf; much more on troubleshooting D2B systems at MBUSA Technical Training PDF files

COMAND 2.0 (MOST) Equipment Status and Configuration Menus - Post #10 ,

What is MOST and how does it work? See HO MOST (CooksonI) 07-01-04.pdf; much more on troubleshooting MOST systems at MBUSA Technical Training PDF files

COMAND Unlock codes – NOTE: Not recommended; these codes will not always work – many people screwed up their COMANDs, codes have been changed -

COMAND DVD video - U.S. specification MY 2004-2006 units will ONLY play DVD audio tracks and mp3 tracks, not video, and it cannot be enabled in the Engineering or "secret" menus. See your owner's manual.

Burning mp3 to DVD for MOST-based COMANDs and Will DVD based MP3 media work in the COMAND? - Forums; folder structure,

Check before deciding to replace COMAND with a 3rd party system - BUT - a new product allows you to replace a MOST COMAND unit and retain the rest of your audio system. See

An audio enhancement for mp3 players -


Overview of COMAND units and Nav systems: Which are CD and which are DVD based, and how do COMAND firmware updates differ from nav updates - post 30,

a. DVD based nav systems (COMAND 2.0)

Latest Navigation DVDs (for MOST based systems) Wolfgang's info, Mercedes Radios and Navigation;

****NOTE: NavTeq's site shows the (2014) nav map update for the '04-'06 S-Class as being 2011 v.10.0 - THIS IS INCORRECT. The 2014 map update is part BQ 8 46 0315, NTG1 DVD v.13.0. See post #3 , Update: There is now a version 14 (2015 maps) out and Quadrobenz on MBWorld confirms that it works - BUT - see maxbg's excellent information on the possible need for a COMAND firmware update, the part number of the disc, and the COMAND units by part number that it is applicable to, at posts 14 and 18, - the good news is that if you have a W220, you are not limited to 2010 maps. maxbg also provides information on the various years of updates you can do without an "interim update."

COMAND firmware update vs. Nav firmware update, post 16 at Navigation Service Update DVD?? - Forums and
post 12 at

FW update for Euro COMAND now recognized telephone features in Dension combo units, adds other features -

Useful Nav System Hints post 3, New 2008 Nav DVD - Forums - post2571009

b. CD-based nav systems (COMAND 2.5, COMAND 2.0, COMAND 2 MOPF widescreen)
How to tell “C” from “D” Nav D-Nav? - Forums and
post 1 at - post2629191

Latest Set of “C” Nav CDs (last set issued) is 2004 and the latest D set is 01/2007 *****(NOTE: There may be an April 2011 release - see However, DX discs are supposed to be backward compatible with D and C nav systems (but may require a firmware update). See post 7, - That offers hope to owners of "C" nav systems to update at least to 2007 and now POSSIBLY to 2011.

Cleaning nav CD drive on COMAND 2.5

c. Nav not accurate – wheel/tire size - and Inaccurate navigation – no satellites and S430 D navigation loses position - Forums - post3774561

d. Component-level repair of nav system - Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair

e. Remove & replace the shark fin antenna, post 2 at

f. Low cost replacement of GPS antenna

g. Antenna system and how it works for radio, navigation, central locking and Tele-Aid/MBRACE -

HANDSFREE PHONE (Cell Phone) – Bluetooth and Plug-in

How-To Guide for Cell Phone Upgrades and Equipping Your Car for First Time -; Most info is in 1st 7 posts..

Getting cell icons (home, work, cell) to show beside multiple listings under a single name; and how to program voice dialing - at least for NTG 2 (COMAND 2.0) -

If contacts list will not download to COMAND you may be storing the contact list on a SIM card, not in the phone's memory. Change the storage location. See and post #6 at

Adding a cell phone antenna booster -

Remove & Replace the shark fin antenna, post 2 at

****The antenna system and functions for radio, navigation, central locking and Tele-Aid/MBRACE -

****Test results for approaches to increase the strength of cellular signals using an antenna booster system,

****How to remove the Tele-Aid module from the fiber optic loop(D2B) -
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MP3 or iPod Integration; Audio Problems; Radios, Radio Codes; Streaming Audio


How to integrate an iPod in cars that cannot use the MB iPod kit - Dension Gateway 500 How to Integrate an iPod into Cars that Cannot use the M-B iPod Kit | Mercedes-Benz Club of America and use of the GW 500 menus,

Another approach for COMAND 2.5

Inexpensive way to upgrade your car's sound with an iPod or iPod Touch -

Low volume through AUX input, see post #2 at - NOTE - In the W220, only MY '03 COMANDs have AUX inputs.

Here's a taste of what you are into if you want to replace COMAND with a 3rd party system - - and no, we're not going to go further into the details of a swap-out. BUT - There is a new product that allows you to replace a MOST COMAND unit and retain the rest of your audio system. See

For some very innovative approaches in a full system replacement, see poopbunny's documentation at


The only proper way to get radio codes for Audio XX head Units (COMAND does not use radio codes)– post # 2 at - and the reason why it’s the only proper method, post 8 at - If you need help with the procedure for entering the code you have, see post 17 at (Thanks, Peter!)

No sound and CD Changer problem

Troubleshooting a "No Audio" Problem

****Audio schematics and pinouts for '00-'03 Bose systems -

****The antenna system and how it works for radio, navigation, central locking and Tele-Aid/MBRACE -

Low volume through AUX input (Note: Only the '03 has an AUX input in the W220), see post #2 at

CD Changer persistent "No Magazine" or "Magazine Empty" message -
CD Changer repair -
A potential non-MB replacement for D2B equipped cars - Mercedes Player MP40 - Mercedes Player
Teardown and repair of COMAND 2.0 (how to repair laser lens and fix failure of disc to eject) -

Installing SIRIUS - which unit to order, Satellite Radio Receiver S Class - Forums and Sirius receiver part numbers - Forums

Loss of signal on SIRIUS

Repair, Factory Car Audio Repair For All Makes and Models - Mercedes S/SL/SLK, C/CL/CLK, Car Stereo Repair Estimates and Bose Car Stereo, Speaker / Amp Repair and Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair

Make a double DIN fascia -

Adding A2DP music streaming: uses Bluetooth adapters added to iPod connectors and been successful, with varying results. A different approach is at Iphone 3G using A2DP connected to Pioneer car audio deck - Forums
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Body - Part 1 (Leaks, Panel Removal, Trunk won't open, Filters, RESETS, Noises)



Water in Car (front or rear footwells); or A/C does not blow air but fan turns; Control (Button) Problems - Check your air inlets in front of windshield!! See Class Action Settlement

For location of addition of second drain, see post 10 at

Sun roof drain leak, and post 5,


Body Panel Removal Videos - headlights, door panels, dash, console, mirror housing, bumper strips, headlight washer door - - a great How-To tool that also covers replacement or front & rear DCMs and LED lamp modules for the inner door handles.

How to access a rear door window switch, and how the rear ash tray/window switch assembly is mounted -

Interior door handle illumination - DIY replacement pdfs at post 10 at and at post 1,; the latter post also has instructions on how to repair the LED!!

Door Panel Repair -

Rear Door handle Replacement -

Replacing Front Door Lock Actuator -

Arm Rest Removal -

Replacing Interior Plastic Window trim -

****Removing headliner - post 46,

Removing rear door windows, includes quarter windows. Media rich thread, Benzworks vids and detail pictures by Digimeow -

Adjusting rear window after replacement -

Replacing window motor -

Replacing plastic seat trim [DIY] W220 plastic seat trim replacement - Forums

*****Replacing front seat lumbar supports -

Removing front headrests -

Repairing a broken sun visor -

DIY on simple rust repair

Center Console Removal

Removing Front Headrest

****Removal of power rear seat and repair of rear headrest malfunction - Posts 9 and 11,

Fixing a broken front visor

B-Pillar removal - and

Replacing exterior rubber trim at top of B-pillar -

How to remove the rear shelf,

Dashboard disassembly,

****Removing the knee protector to get under the dash -

****Fixing inoperative rear window sunshade,

Replacing the Hood Latch Spring
--Hood latch switch diagram,

Symptoms of Door Control Module failure - for replacing a door control module, see the body panel removal videos above. Both front and rear modules and panels are shown.

Trunk won’t open

How to get into the trunk with a dead battery, and metal key doesn't work - See video at
and also see - Trunk won't open no matter what - see especially posts #11 and #49 at (though the whole thread may be useful).

****Also see for a way to get into a locked trunk without drilling. There is also a good summary at especially posts 19, 20 and 21 (some of which link back the threads mentioned here).

If Battery is not the problem: (use of mechanical key is at post #21 , that link); (check fuses!!) and;
also, has good info on repairing/replacing the trunk lock mechanism.

****Power Trunk Assist Warning -

How To Reset Windows, express close, steering column adjustment, ECU, sliding roof, easy exit, windshield wipers, adaptive transmission and what to do about simultaneous BAS, ESP, and ABC lights, and pre-safe failure warnings - Things to try when stuff just doesn’t work, especially after replacing or disconnecting the battery –- see post 14, - and see additional system resets in post 14 below.

Air Filter Replacement

cabin air filter replacement - Forums

AIR FILTER - Forums; and video at

Charcoal filter, post 3 at Charcoal Filters Under Dash - Forums and also

Dust and charcoal filter replacement

Replacing the Evaporator - turn the volume down. Video runs fast -

Fuel Filter Replacement DIY -

Strange or Annoying noises

Strange noise in driver's footwell. - Forums

Creaking noise, post 6 - see more on creaking noises shown under suspension and steering as well.

Buzzing noise from dash or mirror area - Aspirator motor Buzzing Noise? - Forums and and how to remove mirror mount,

ALSO: See the aspirator motor and cabin temperature sensor links under Air Conditioning/Heating in the post following.
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Body - Part 2 (Steering Wheel/Column, Lights, Mirrors)

Steering Wheel/Column

Solution for sticky steering wheel buttons post 3 at and

Repair Loose Turn Signal Lever -

Steering Wheel Removal -

Steering column (wheel) will not move up or down - first, check fuses. If OK, then HOW TO: Fix power steering column that will not move up and down - Forums

Steering Wheel will move down but not up - see posts 7 and 8 at

****Steering wheel not straight after alignment - see ricebubbles' writeup at and the ultimate solution at post 7.

VIN number, Vehicle Data Card (Equipment on vehicle when delivered)


Headlight, Tail Light, Bulb, Turn Signal and Side Marker Upgrades - - a cross reference to many very good posts.

DIY for removing headlamp assembly, and also for replacing a Xenon bulb:

DIY for LED Tail Light -

Info on rear fog lamp -

LEDs for the full interior -

Daytime Running Lights (U.S. models have these built in, a setting on the MFD; but these are for adding them to bumper openings) -

Headlight Control Module Replacement

How Bi-Xenon headlights work - Post #3,

Which models have auto-leveling headlights Headlight - Auto-Leveling on Startup - Forums

Bi-Xenon self-leveling adjustment when lights aim too low: Post #23 at

Auto Headlight and Wiper Problem -

Repair of mirror turn signal module (instead of replacement) - Post #9 at

Repair of LEDS for interior door handles, - or, if you are handy at soldering, you can try soldering a new LED in place - post 3 at - and don't miss ricebubbles' excellent pdf at

License plate lights don't work or are intermittent - - scroll down for the photos.

Interior Rear View Mirror Memory Normalising

Thanks to CaptTony for this little gem :- Hello. 2003 S500 W220. I had the issue with the interior power rear view mirror not saving memory settings and going to a different position with each memory button. I was also having an issue with the sun roof only moving a couple inches at a time when opening. I had the battery replaced recently and see comments many comments on the need to reset various functions. I followed the instructions for resetting the sunroof (press and hold the vent open button for 8 seconds). After I did that the memory function on the power rear view mirror worked fine!


DIY repair of sun visor -

Mirrors – turn signal replacement or upgrade - 2000-2002 S500 Side Mirror Led Light Upgrade Before And After Picts - Forums ; Repair of turn signal module (instead of replacement) - Post #9 ,

****Replacing the entire mirror assembly,

Replacing mirror glass - and

How to replace the mirror gasket (seal) -,, and this video:

INSTRUCTIONS on removal of cover , posts 8 and 9 at and VIDEO at

NOTE: The prior link and the video for mirror cover replacement are for VINs ending in 316716 and below; if you have a higher vin, see post #5 at
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BODY - PART 3 (Soft Close, Wipers, Miscellaneous)

Merceeds Brochures, Trim, Options etc Forum - W22o Brochures&txt= Forum - W22o Brochures&txt=


-- PSE Pump Location post #6 at What is this part?

DIY Tips on PSE pump replacement - it must be programmed! PSE (soft close assist) Lessons Learned

Superb pdf writeup by Brian Rice (ricebubbles) explaining the system at post 15, Does my S500 have soft/self closing doors?, including a PSE pump diagram. In addition, 04S600AMG has posted a soft close vacuum diagram at post #82 , Drivers door close assist feature not working - Forums

--The PSE pump connections, decoded - post # 73, Drivers door close assist feature not working - Forums

-- general information GOT THE BENZ BLUES, Can anyone please help me!!!!

-- Soft Close Components in door, and PSE pump fuse location Soft close problem 2004 S430

-- Doors will not open (Potentially a safety issue!!) - w220 rear door won't open, so how do I remove the... - also see related posts, Rear door handle R & R and Replacing Front Door Lock: Actuator , Machine gun locks...

****Door actuator removal - Post 13 , For all you W220 Owners With Keyless Go - also see Step by step Door Close Assist and Lock Removal

Photo of door lock mechanism with soft close components, post [URL=]#1 8[/URL] at For Skylaw - also see Replacing Front Door Lock: Actuator , Machine gun locks... for removal of panel, removal of lock mechanism, and removal of door handle.

-- Replacing or repairing trunk soft close mechanism WHAT DO I DO NOW?? and Trunk Issue. What should I do now? and post #5 , W220 Trunk lid hockey puck removal; simple temporary repair shown at post [URL=]#1 2[/URL] , I fixed my auto trunk problem!! 2002 S500 (silicone might last longer than tape). Hissing noise and a second possible source of it, Hissing Noise on trunk closure - also, whether you should have a pop-out handle on your trunk.

****Remove and replace the trunk lock mechanism - posts 3 and 5, Rebuilding trunk locking mechanism in S430 and also post #5 , W220 Trunk lid hockey puck removal

****Removal of Trunk Lid Harness Retractor Mechanism, posts 4 & 6 .....
Replacing trunk wire harness assembly--any tips?

****Another example of Removal of Trunk Lid Harness Retractor Mechanism, post 1 .....
Replaced trunk wire harness

****Alternative repair of broken trunk lid wires and hoses - post 15, Rear power windows and trunk

****Repair of IR sensor in door handle - Convenience Opening and Closing Feature especially post 15.

****Power assist trunk (boot) open and close and how to reset + replacement of struts (thanks to wagas_haider_achmed for listing this at post 1 at General W220 information - few recent fixes)

Refilling the power assist trunk opening reservoir: Post 21, The saga of my new Mistress S600

-- How to rebuild PSE pump (not for the faint of heart) PSE Central locking pump overhall Adjustment of pump, Drivers door close assist feature not working - Page 2 - Forums

Accessing PSE pump and reservoir for dynamic seats - Post #9 at Need help with front seat bolsters and massage

Repair of many soft-close components, including PSE pump and door latch mechanisms, Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair;

-- How to open the fuel filler door when the PSE pump isn't working - How do I manually open the fuel / gas door?

Repair of lumbar leak Dynamic Seat Lumbar Leak and How to replace your front lumbar supports.

Repair of separate pump for massaging seats - Need help with front seat bolsters and massage

Replacement of trunk springs - Trunk Shock/Spring Installation 04/S500

****Front seat, seat belt, and cushion removal - Help Needed for Seat Removal and Repair

Head Restraint Actuator Repair
Thanks to 4DGeorge for the following thread with detailed pics :-

Rear Head Rests - Loud POP, Passenger Side & Center...


Windshield Wipers Fail To Park - Post #6 at wipers and another wiper problem, wipers wont park

Wiper function is not normal - Questions on troubleshooting a Rainsensor issue -OR-

Blades chatter - W220 S430 Wiper problem, wipers HELP PLEASE

Replacement blades - Mercedes dealers have brought the price of OE (Bosch) replacements down to where they almost approach a reasonable price, so that finding alternatives is not as necessary - but if you are looking, here are some: Replacement wiper blade for 1999/2000 - note that the earlier model years use different style blade attachment than the later years.

Washer fluid leak - it could be the tank itself, grommets between the pump and the tank, the hose to the washer nozzles, or to the headlight pop-up washer. See Removing the windshield washer reservoir..Tips?,,

Remove and replace the windshield washer reservoir - post 6,


Making your own replacement control buttons -

Repair of inoperative rear sear headrests - for cars with electric rear seats - see pdf at post #9 ,

Replacing rear seat belt -

Repair or DIY Installation of seat heaters - Post 11 at

Repair of IR sensor in Door handle for Convenience Opening and Closing Feature - Another great Brian Rice (ricebubbles) DIY writeup at post 4 at; testing the IR transmitter in the key, posts 3-5 at (and yes, it works).

Remove and reinstall exhaust system - see pdf file at end of

Remove and replace the shark fin antenna - posts 2 and 9 at

****The antenna system and how it works for radio, navigation, central locking and Tele-Aid/MBRACE -

****Repair of the '00-'02 cup holder and springs, pinkster's post #7 at

****DIY repair of sun visor -

****Sunvisor Repair Video

****DIY parking sensor replacement
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Electrical Systems, Batteries (incl. TPMS), Fuse Locations


- Many expensive Mercedes electronic components can be repaired rather than replaced. See M & B Specialist; some of the items include Engine Control Unit (ECU), Navigation Command Unit, Instrument Cluster, Throttle Body, Central Lock Vacuum Pump, CD Changer, Amplifier, A/C Control Unit, Gear Shifter, Seat "Brain," and Airmatic system components. See more in the equipment-specific posts below.

****TECHNICAL SUPPORT BULLETINS and WIRING DIAGRAMS - Pinkster has done us a tremendous service and posted a link to TSBs and wiring diagrams for most MB models, including the W220, at Technical Service Bulletins and Wiring Diagrams - In addition to any information below, please use this resource as well. As shortcut: Thanks, Dean!!!

ALARM SYSTEM – symptoms of problem, cure - Loud clicking under the drivers wheel wall - Forums, 2000 s500 alarm problem please help
Anti theft siren goes off when I lock the car and leave!

CHARGING SYSTEM - Have the charging system checked when you replace a battery. The voltage regulator is on back side of the alternator - but NOT necessary to replace entire alternator ($1300 or so) - see cmitch's post at Alternator/Voltage Regulator Replace DIY

BATTERY - When replacing batteries, matching its construction type (AGM, gel or wet cell) to your charging system, and buying the same power ratings and physical size is far more important than brand. Johnson Controls manufactures the Mercedes-branded batteries in the U.S., and makes many other brands that are identical to the MB-branded battery. See Battery for S600 2002. Most W220s use an AGM battery. If your car uses AGM, replacing it with gel or wet cell (and vice-versa) will do nothing but result in shortened battery life, no matter the brand.

****SIMPLE BATTERY VOLTAGE AND ALTERNATOR CHECK (later models): Before starting the engine, set the multifunction display (MFD) to show mileage (total vehicle mileage and trip miles); with the ignition key in Position 2, push the R (reset) button on the instrument cluster three times. The MFD will display "UB" and battery voltage. Leave it that way, and start the engine. After starting it will display "UB" and alternator voltage. (Thanks, Kraut56).

Battery drain assistance needed - Forums and especially post #21 at Battery drain - Command CANbus expert help? - and it could also be a dead alarm horn battery; 2000 s500 alarm problem please help

TESTING FOR EXCESS BATTERY DRAIN -To test whether quiescent battery drain is excessive, W220 S500 Measuring Quiescent Current or Parasitic... - Thanks again, ricebubbles! See also the milliOhm draw for different fuses for help in troubleshooting - Alternate method of diagnosing source of slow battery drain? and more good info at posts 9 and 10. In addition there is a good troubleshooting DIY at post 4, 2002 S500 battery Drain

The video here is not done on a Mercedes,but the process is the same - but I think I'd check for switch positions first!
- and for KEYS LOCKED IN TRUNK, see lock keys in trunk

TRICKLE CHARGER for long-term storage Mercedes 'Trickle' battery charger

SRS Light - possible cheap fix post 12, HELP!! calling all electronic troubleshooting geniuses.
If not, see Seat belts - need advice and SRS

TPMS – tire pressure monitoring system-
Drive to Dealer or Workshop warning - TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM FAULTS AND FIXES - SEE THIS FIRST. Then see below.
Post 6 at TPMS Reset? Is it possible? - Forums and also the imbedded link at Star Diagnostics & TPMS - Forums see also post 14 at TPMS resets itself - Forums if you have "Visit Workshop" or "Drive To Dealer" be sure to see post #9 at TPMS sensor replacement

TPMS SENSOR REPLACEMENT TPMS sensor replacement AND HOW TO SAVE $1,000 ON SENSOR REPLACEMENT - - and see posts 9 and 10 at

TPMS BATTERY LIFE and don't miss if you need new sensors!!

Dashboard switches don’t work - BUT ALSO SEE 2nd S Flooded This week! S Owners Keep your Drains Clean!!! - Forums and - get your car scanned with STAR to get the diagnosis if you don’t see water. It could be a SAM - or, it could be a wire disconnected!

PRE-SAFE INACTIVE WARNING, especially if accompanied by SRS and ABS warning after a jump start - see - often caused by low battery voltage and can indicate the need to have the charging system checked, and possibly a new battery.


This has been tracked down to a bad Relay here is the thread post #22 and #27 refer, plus the Video :-


PROGRAMING HOMELINK (Garage Door/Gate Opener) - if Owners' Manual procedures don't work, see post 1 at and

EXTEND THE RANGE of the garage door opener -


****Member pinkster has provided us a listing for ALL W220 fuse charts in a printable form, together with a chart that lets one determine which of the four charts applies to a particular car, by model year, type, and VIN range. See

Additional fuse location information follows:

Fuse panel under right rear passenger seat behind courtesy light - and location of PSE pump fuse, post 6 at

Shorted the red wire under the back seat – (HINT: it goes to a SAM) S430 issues w220 2002 - Forums; post #8 in that link has photos of the large fuse locations in the trunk and in the right front passenger footwell.
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SAMs; Fiber Optics and CAN Busses; Keys and Remotes



****Replacing a front SAM - post #3,

****How to remove rear bench seat and access the rear SAM - Post #11 ,

Electronic Fuse, what and where they are – posts 6 and 12 at and


Brief overview - Post 7 at

How to tell the difference between D2B and MOST and photos at post 2,

Testing and Troubleshooting the CAN Bus -

There is a wealth of detailed technical information on fiber optics systems - design, function, technical troubleshooting - and also on CAN busses and other equipment at Unfortunately the site is no longer available - but there is a way to get to archives of the documents.

First, try the "Shortcut links" in each topic below; they should get you to the document. If that does not work, use the "alternative link" with the procedure further below.

Index of Available Articles - Shortcut link (try this first) (note: Once this page is opened, the links in it will still work).
Alternative link:

Overview of MB CAN and fiber networks Shortcut link: HO Networking (ACB-ICC) 09-03-02.pdf
Alternative link: HO Networking (ACB-ICC) 09-03-02.pdf

About D2B fiber optics - Shortcut link: HO D2B (CooksonI) 03-09-04.pdf
Alternative link: HO D2B (CooksonI) 03-09-04.pdf

About MOST fiber optics - Shortcut link: HO MOST (CooksonI) 07-01-04.pdf
Alternative link: HO MOST (CooksonI) 07-01-04.pdf

About CAN Busses - Shortcut link: Systems I/507 HO CAN B (ICC) 10-28-02.pdf
Alternative link: Systems I/507 HO CAN B (ICC) 10-28-02.pdf

If you were unable to get the document with the "Shortcut link" then try the following:

1) Click on the Alternative link for the document you want. Its URL will appear at the top of the page that tells you the link is no longer available. Copy the URL.
2) Go to the Wayback Machine site,
3) On the Wayback Machine page, paste the complete URL of the file you were looking for into the address bar provided, and select "Browse History."
3) The archive search you've requested will take you to a calendar page. At the top will be a "calendar" bar with entries highlighted that represent the dates the page was archived (this lets you search for older or newer versions of the document). Click on a highlighted date bar at the top date, and then click on one of the blue-circled dates that will then show on the calendars below.
4) Bingo!!! There's your PDF. Sorry you have to go through so much, but at least we can still get to the files.


How to change batteries - DIY : How to Replace batteries in your keyfob with Pictures - Forums

Key won’t work – post 4, and some things to consider, post 2 at

Key will not turn in the ignition - First, try the procedure at post #2, - if that doesn't work, See the pdf at post 46, (Thanks, ricebubbles!) The latter post is a serious troubleshooting of problems with the Smartkey, and also shows tests for battery issues.

Electronic Ignition System (EIS) Repair (not for the faint of heart) - and also Brian Rice's superb DITY on repairing the EIS starting at post 85,

Car won't crank with a key that used to work - (this will NOT work with a second hand key or a new key, but may work if you have trouble after changing the key battery or jump starting your car) - posts 27, 31 and 35 at

No, you can't fit the electronics from an older Smartkey into the nicer new chromed style -

Testing the IR transmitter in key - posts 3 - 5, - and yes, it works!

Opening the trunk with the mechanical key (check fuses too) - Post #21 at

Locked keys in trunk - this may work -

Difficult to remove from ignition - it may be shifter bushings! See

How to reprogram a keyless go key: Posts 9 and 24, - 2 different procedures.

Upgrade a Keyless Go card to a Keyless Go Smartkey - - This post also has information on key programming with DAS 3.

HOW TO REPROGRAM A MERCEDES REMOTE KEY, How to Reprogram a Mercedes Remote | - NOTE: This article requires confirmation. It does not specify the applicable model years.

Repair of IR sensor in Door handle for Convenience Open/Close Feature - Another great Brian Rice (ricebubbles) DIY at post 4 at; testing the IR transmitter in the key, posts 3-5 at

Radio, navigation, central locking and Tele-Aid/MBRACE -
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Most of this post refers to Gasoline (Petrol) Engines, but for those of us who have CDI Engines this post tells you all you will ever need to know about how it works. Thanks to Deplore for the link, and to the Guys who wrote it, it gives a very clear picture of exactly what does what :-

Acceleration - It could be a bad accelerator module - Acceleration Problem - Forums - How to change accelerator pedal module, post 5 at

Check Engine Light post 3 at also Diagnose Check Engine Light

CEL and code P0115 (temp sensor circuit) - Remove and Replace Thermostat -

Car stalls when warm - Crankshaft Position Sensor -
DIY replacement How to replace the Crank Position Sensor (CPS) - S500 - Forums - also post 4, There is a photo of the crankshaft position sensor at post 11, and a diagram of its location at post 4 of that thread. And a well done Video of the CPS being replaced ...
But the '03 W220 CPS replacement has a wrinkle -

Symptoms of Camshaft Position Sensor failure: Excessively long cranking time when starting cold, rough running on an intermittent basis, poor idle, stumbling or hesitation, a drop in mileage and stalling upon acceleration. NOTE that the Crankshaft Position Sensor and the Camshaft Position Sensor are different modules, but they must work in synch to keep the engine running. Read more: Camshaft Position Sensor Failure Symptoms | eHow and Differences Between a Camshaft Sensor & a Crankshaft Sensor | eHow - and here is a photo of the CAMSHAFT position sensor - post 2, and a diagram of its location is at post 4.

Throttle Position Sensor (not the accelerator module) -

Loss of power, misfiring - Mass Air Flow sensor &#8 211;- replacement and; also especially with code P20D4. Also,don't overlook a bad accelerator module as cause of loss of power, especially if there is no roughness or misfire..

MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor replacement (it's not the same as the MAF) - posts [URL=]#2 -4[/URL] ,

Replacing spark plugs video and other hints - and

Electronic Ignition System (EIS) - Key won&#8 217;t turn in lock &#8 211; posts 1, 2 and 5 S320 Cdi 2003 Key Does Not Turn In Ignition - Forums; Replacement, see especially posts beginning with [URL=]#5 4[/URL] at

Starting problems, won't turn over in cold weather, post 66 at

DIY Replacing the fuel filter diy-s430.html

DIY video on replacing engine thermostat. Video made by and courtesy of G.AMG Greg.

DIY fuel pump change post #6 ,

DIY on replacing idler pulley/tensioner (the harmonic balancer),

DIY Coolant flush and change -

Coolant Flush Video, courtesy of Masood :-

****Coolant Temperature sensor replacement -

Belt Pulley/vibration damper replacement DIY, and post #2 , Note: I believe the latter posts are mislabeled - they address replacing the main belt pulley, not the harmonic balancer. Replacing serpentine belt tensioner, video -

Cold start problems

No turnover - could actually be a transmission problem or a bad brake light switch -

DIY Spark Plug Replacement -

DIY Valve Cover Gasket Replacement -

DIY Oil Change (be sure you read it all the way through) -

Noisy Radiator Fan - First, see - if that doesn't work, then

Radiator Fan Motor Replacement -

Engine cooling fan diagram, post 9 at

Adjusting the radiator fan speed (temperature changeover points) via STAR - post 6 at

DIY water pump replacement video (for S500),

Water Pump Replacement Video, courtesy of Masood:-

Identifying problems with engine and transmission mounts, replacing transmission mounts, checking flex disc - posts 5 and 6,

DIY engine mount change 4matic: - RWD,

DIY downstream O2 sensor change (and adapting a generic one) -

Fuel Sensor Replacement (Gs tank) -

DIY on valve cover gasket/breather cover seal replacement -

Engine mount replacement posts #6 and 7 at - two different kinds of mount!

DIY on intake manifold R&R,

Remove and Replace V-12 Biturbo - a major task!

******Remove and Replace S430, S500 or S55 engine (non=4Matic)

Replacing catalytic converters -

Replacing fuel injectors -

DIY on balance shaft replacement and sprocket, 272/273 engine - (Thanks, Eric!)

****DIY Secondary Air Pump Troubleshooting and repair post 4,

Many MB electronics components such as the EIS, Engine Control Unit, throttle body and the like can now be repaired rather than replaced. See Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair
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****Troubleshooting Guide, post 3,

Guides to Removing and Refitting Transmission, post #60 by Member wenter :-

Small leak, shifting problems; leak in electrical socket - and - photos of plug and socket, pdf file at post 8, (Tranny is on a W210, but is same on the S-Class). Proper fluid level,

Resetting Adaptive Transmission - see RESETS, post 5 above and also and

Reset from limp mode - - if this does not work, you will need a DAS/STAR readout of the codes to analyze the problem. It is possible a reset using DAS will work, but only if the cause of entering limp mode has been fixed.

Trouble symptoms - S500 Transmission kickdown problem - Forums and an unusual symptom with a stranger cause - - If you disconnect the battery, see RESETS, post 5.

Discussion of the 722.6 5-speed and 722.9 7-speed transmission problem indications, Mercedes Benz Transmission Service in MA Randolph South Shore Cape Duxbury Metro Boston; for photos, see - for MB's program on new valve body/conductor plates for the 722.9, see; more links and tech data at

Shift problems and thumping - 722.6 (5-speed transmission) Conductor plate problems - and more, Photos and discussion of the conductor plate on the 722.6xx transmission at - it's in the W140 forum, but discusses the same tranny used in many of our W220s. There is also a good discussion of the 722.6 transmission at

722.9 7-speed tranny - conductor plate problems Mercedes-Benz will not sell valve body for Mercedes 722.9 transmission | Jason's Space - an extensive problem and a parts supply problem at the moment!!! But see MB's addressing of the 722.9 problems at

Engine will not turn over, but key turns in ignition - Conductor Plate problem and other possible causes -

Transmission Dipstick (why you don't have one and why you may need it) - Questions regarding the 5-spd transmission - Forums

Shifter stuck in park; how to repair
Complete removal of shifter -
Replace link - Anyone Have This Stuck In Park Problem? - Forums and video at; also see Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair also for parts, post 235 at Anyone Have This Stuck In Park Problem? - Page 10 - Forums provides another source of the interlock that breaks.

Repair video >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

****Brake Lights Inop and simultaneously Transmission will not shift - especially post 11

Transmission Service DIY - and DIY Transmission Fluid Change Video - Forums - but watch the cautionary notes on the second video!!!! Procedure of jacking all 4 wheels to raise the car in second video is not safe; rest of video is OK.

722.6 transmission flush & fill -

Here is a second flush and fill video from Masood -


Vibrations generally - Post 4 at; and an unusual twist at post 5 in that link.

a specific 70mph "see it in the passenger headrest" vibration fix. POST 14.

Here is a video from Masood that could help with the vibration fix above as well as just good info -

****Maintenance and replacement of drive shaft (Propeller Shaft) components - - a wonderful and informative DIY

Noise from drive train -
Replacing the rear differential (and getting rid of a whine) = - also contains instructions for removal/reinstalling exhaust system.

DIY on Changing Brake Pads and Rotors -

To give some visual aid to the above, anothr Masood video

****Information on proper direction of slotted and drilled rotors, post 4,

Adjusting the parking brake

DIY Brake Fluid Flush -

DIY CV boot repair - and

Opinions on Nitrogen Fill for tires Nitrogen Tire Fill... Is it worth it? - Forums

****Brake Lights Inop and simultaneously Transmission will not shift - especially post 11


Change power steering pump DIY (Airmatic - not ABC) - S430/S500 NON-ABC power steering PUMP R&R DIY - Forums

Change dual ABC hydraulic/power steering pump, post 9 at

Curing a groaning or squealing noise, post #13 at and

Replacing upper control arms,

****Replacing front wheel bearings and setting play - post 4 at

Wheel alignment, S430, post 16 at and if it just doesn't seem right after it is done, see especially post 7.


Wheel Fitment - Here is what you need to know about wheel fitment (from a technical standpoint) - Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride - - Thanks, eric! DSee also an excellent resource at

Repairing Minor Curb Rash - a nice DIY technique at post 6,


"A" service differs from "B" service in that cabin filters and wiper blades are not changed in "A" service, but are in "B" service.

"B" service, part 1:

"B service, Part 2:

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Air Conditioning & Heating, General MB Fault Codes, RESETS!!


System Diagram - Everything You Wanted To Know, and More - Systems I/507 HO HVAC 220 (ACB, IC) 10-30-02.pdf

No air circulation despite blower running, Class Action Settlement - Settlement In Class Action Suit For Interior Flooding | Mercedes-Benz Club of America, “Settlement In Class Action Suit For Interior Flooding” - Mercedes-Benz Club of America Forums and pay attention to imbedded links regarding water leaking into interior after accumulating in A/C intake.

Odd noises - Electronic buzzing sound from dash Strange noise in driver's footwell. - Forums

Buzzing noise from dash or interior rear view mirror area - Aspirator and A/C diagram Need Help with A/C diag.
How to fix, fan noise in the cabin - a great post.
See also W220 rear view mirror rattle buzz

Repair of Upper Cabin Temperature Sensor and Aspirator - Need Help with A/C diag. - this writeup also has a very good diagram of the cabin temperature sensor and aspirator motor locations - also see Need Help with A/C diag. for repiring the thremistor (a bad one causes temperature swings).

Another Repair to Upper Temp Sensor and it's Fan :- W220 Air Conditioning Always Heating and Max Fan

And don't miss AC off light staying on + HVAC Dash control unit... for repairing a short in the A/C control unit and for the lower cabin temperature sensor location.

Blower Motor Really weird climate control problem. HELP! - Forums - BUT also note this unusual problem that could be dangerous - posts 33 and 34, A/C Blower motor and regulator

Blower Motor not working even though getting voltage at the regulator output (one way to install replacement 40A fuse if you have to chisel the old one out):
SOLVED: Heater Blower Motor Fan Question

Video, Repairing Blower Motor, courtesy of Masood :- Forum - W220 Youtube Videos for the Encyclopedia&txt=

Cabin air filter replacement - cabin air filter replacement - Forums

A/C Light Is On, System Throwing Codes AC and AC off light staying on + HVAC Dash control unit...

Effect of sun sensor 2000 S430 Climate Control Problem - Forums - Temperature sensor problems HOw to change inside temp sensor/s and Need Help with A/C diag.
--Replacing the sun sensor, how to solve error 1270

How to read codes from A/C controls W220 Hidden Menu (Maybe electronic Choke adjustment) and W220 S-Class Automatic Climate Control (ACC) Hidden Menus

Displaying and Resetting the A/C system fault codes - A/C system fault codes and a video on a reset procedure, posts 3, 4, and 7 Resetting the HVAC System - the audio is in Arabic, but it is easy to follow from the video itself. Also post 43, Air Con Delayed Start

Replacement of duovalve: if car will not heat or cool, duovalve is often the problem. For location in the S-Class, see Post #8 at Sorry...another Air con issue
--What the duovalve looks like, post 2 at Duo valve DYI?
--DIY for the W220- Sorry...another Air con issue and post 3 at Replacing the ACC Dual valve
--There is also DIY for the W211 at DIY: Installing a new Changeover/Heater Control Valve - Forums but be advised, the location for the W220 is quite different. See also
Before tackling the duovalve on a W220 see post 4,

Duo Valve Stripping, Overhauling and Testing ....... Here's an excellent article at post #4, by wallyp :-

****Here is a douvalve replacement video (Thanks, G.AMG!!)

(thanks to wagas_haider_achmed for listing this at post #1 at

****A great DIY on replacing the air conditioner compressor and servicing the system afterward - post 45, - the entire thread has some excellent discussion as well.

Component level repair of air conditioning control unit - M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair

****Improving the performance of the air conditioner when idling on very hot days (adjust cooling fan speed and startup temps using DAS) - post 49,


Mercedes Benz Common Fault codes

Mercedes Error codes - Forums and (VERY comprehensive lists)
Codes associated with Check Engine Light The Complete Resource For Mercedes Check Engine Light

OBDII Fault Codes - OBD-II Check Engine Light Trouble Codes and


How To Reset Windows, express close, steering column adjustment, ECU, sliding roof, easy exit, windshield wipers, adaptive transmission and what to do about simultaneous BAS, ESP, and ABC lights, and pre-safe failure warnings
- Things to try when stuff just doesn’t work, especially after replacing or disconnecting the battery –- post 14,

If resetting your convenience opening and closing feature doesn't work, see and

A/C system fault codes and reset: posts #3 and 4, Resetting the HVAC System - the audio is in Arabic, but it is easy to follow from the video itself.

FSS Resets: A simplified procedure that worked on my '05 is at post 19,; see post 13 in that link for the WIS instruction.

If those don't work, see 2006 R500 FSS Reset Service Procedure and Secret Menu Procedure - Forums

FSS senses more than just mileage and time: Post #1 7,

Steering wheel will not move, will not reset - HOW TO: Fix power steering column that will not move up and down - Forums - also

If buttons will not function, it may be a SAM. What is it?
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Extended Warranty vs Recall - The instrument cluster on SOME 00-02 and 04-05 W220s and W215s were subject to a recall, by VIN, for lighting-specific problems. For specific VINs covered by the recall, see posts 17 and 21, The recall does not expire. The recall was supplanted by a 10-year extended warranty on ALL U.S. W220s and W215s that does expire 10 years after initial date of service. The extended warranty applies to all defects and is NOT limited by VIN. See the extended warranty letter at 58 Instrument Cluster Removal - Page 3 - Forums. See applicability of recall vs. extended warranty, and some repair sources, post 4 at

More on instrument cluster removal: Instrument cluster replacement and tool info (thanks to wagas_haider_achmed for listing this at post #1 at

If you have an instrument cluster problem check to see whether it is covered by BOTH the recall campaign and the extended warranty. The extended warranty has an expiration date, 10 years from date if initial service. Recalls do not expire.

See also post #2 ,

If you are not covered by warranty or recall, see posts 8 and 17 at Instrument Cluster Removal - Forums and post 4 at Also see Mercedes Comand Repair M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair, and for additional repair sources.

Speedometer fails, rest of cluster OK - possibly front wheel speed sensor problem; see - if not speed sensors, it could be a cluster failure. Also see

Disassembly of Cluster and Repair of Transformer - If you're really good at electronics repair, see THERE IS ALSO A DIY VIDEO SERIES starting below; to see the whole 5 parts of the series, click the "YouTube" button at the bottom of the window below.

Clock does not display correct time - post #2 at

Inaccurate Outside Air Temperature -

What's That Little Dot below the fuel gauge?

Distorted sound in dashboard buzzer - It is the speaker in the instrument cluster and it can be replaced.

PARTS SOURCES - In addition to the dealership and forum sponsors who sell parts, also check;; Error Page; EPC-net Online; also post #3 at; Pelican Parts - Mercedes Benz S500 4-Matic (2003-06) Parts and Accessories and Mercedes Parts - Mercedes Auto Parts Online Catalog - this is not an exclusive list, it's just to get you started. For used parts, it is tough to beat Potomac German Auto, Potomac German Auto: Nations's Largest Since 1979 - but calling them is MUCH easier than going through their massive online catalog. In addition, MB offers remanufactured parts - Error Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: REPAIR OF MERCEDES ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS - M and B Specialist - Mercedes Electronic Repair says they repair the following electronics components, at a cost below that of replacement:
Engine Control Unit (ECU)
Navigation Command Unit
Instrument Cluster
Throttle Body
Central Lock Vacuum Pump
CD Changer
A/C Control Unit
Gear Shifter
Seat Brain
Air Shock


Owners Manuals: Download an electronic Owners Manual from MBUSA Owners Online. The direct link for the manuals is but it may change from time to time. If the direct link does not work for you, go to the main MBUSA site at (Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars: Explore, Build & Compare Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Wagons). There, register free as an owner. MB doesn't always make the access to Owners Online simple or intuitive; on the main page, look for "Owners" at the top of the page in the link. A drop-down menu will allow you to register and later access Owners Online. Once you have logged in as an owner you should see a section that lets you download the Owner's Manual and the Maintenance Manual for your model year (right now they are under "Owner Support" but MBUSA changes where they hide them from time to time).

Maintenance Manuals:

Approved fluid specifications: has links; click the sheet number in the left column.

COMAND Manuals: Now also available at; you can also check

Voice Recognition (Control) System Manual: - Or, just pull the stalk (or in the '00, push the Mic button, lower right on the steering wheel) and say "Help." Voice control, if installed, will respond with a menu of options. In addition, newer COMANDs will also display voice command options onscreen.

Mercedes Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) - EPC-net Online - it used to be free, but is no longer - see This lists virtually every part and provides the exploded diagrams of every assembly for nearly every model. Registration steps, post #3 at

You can join the Mercedes Star TekInfo system for 1 day and download the wiring diagrams and other information that you might find necessary. See STAR TekInfo - It does go back to 1994.

You may also be able to get printed tech manuals at and at Mercedes Benz Repair Manual 2000 - Up

Additional Technical References:
DIY links by part - DIY Links by Parts Category - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

VIN decoders: Best currently may be You can also try;;; and

Vehicle Data Card and VMI: Your vehicle Data Card contains codes that show the equipment a particular vehicle had when manufactured. If you do not have one, an authorized dealer can pull a Vehicle Master Inquiry (VMI) that will show the same information. Ricebubbles has posted a pdf file that translates the codes - Cautionary notes are that the codes may vary from model to model, and possibly within year groups; however, the codes may be helpful in determining whether a car had particular equipment when manufactured. There are other posts listing codes current as of 2006 at and at; however, for the reasons mentioned, these may vary from those listed by ricebubbles.
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Quality, Comparisons and Buying Advice


In general – problem areas, advice - and BE SURE to see posts 1 and 3,

General Maintenance Costs W220 S Class Maintenance costs over 1 year out of warranty - you may be shocked. - Forums
--Some data on annual costs of maintenance for the S600 and the S500 (S430 costs will be about the same as the S500) - How much has she costed you? - Forums
--More on the S600, Ongoing Maintenance and Repair for a 2003 S600. - Forums and My first S-Class: Deposit paid to secure a 2003 S600. - Forums

Considering a preowned S-Class – Links to Advice – post 16 at - be sure to see the video series; also post 5,

An interesting perspective at

Quick checks and things to learn before you buy – see links post 5 Is it Worth It? '00 S500... - Forums

4Matic recommendation

’01 S55 AMG review (also covers much in common with other W220 models) My S class Review - Forums

Quick comparisons between models, post #9 at

Brochures: There are electronic sales brochures on Mercedes models including the S-Class at Mercedes Brochure Archive - the model years are European; for example, the U.S. 2006 S-Class was a W220, but the brochure shows the '06 being a W221. These may be helpful in comparing models year to year as well as differences in models themselves.

Differences between ’03 facelift and earlier models - Diffences between the W220 pre-facelift and facelift - Forums

Differences between ’03 facelift and later models - Differences. - Forums

Differences between ’00 and ’05/’06 -

Differences between ‘04 and ’05/’06, especially audio and telematics, post #3 at differences between 2004 S 500 2006 S 500 - Forums

Differences in models when adding phones or audio updates: Post 3,

Experiences with the S600 - be sure to check imbedded links at post 2 -,, and the S600 maintenance thread at

Aftermarket or Extended Warranties: General advice, and (see the imbedded links in the first post) - but there are many threads in the forum regarding specific policies, a search either by name of the insuror, or with terms "Aftermarket Warranty" or "Extended Warranty" will bring up more.

AndrewSL500 has posted a "checklist" for new buyers - some valuable things to check when buying or after purchasing a W220. Post 29, (( currently unavailable, digging for it ...patience please. ))

Global Training PDF for the M275 engine: Courtesy of JC220.
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