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New to the forum so hello - I've got a facelift S320 with an irritating issue, I had a slight drop issue when I got it so I decided the valve block was probably the issue, but I decided to rebuild the compressor in the hopes that was the fault. Since I rebuilt the compressor, the car now refuses to raise at all. I've disconnected the battery for 30 mins, jacked it up to various heights and run the compressor as the FB owners club suggested yet it still won't raise. I'll be replacing the valve block anyway, is there anything else I can try? I don't have access to STAR so I can't plug it in and nobody local seems to have it either. I've still got the Airmatic visit workshop fault which makes me wonder if I plugged the 2 compressor plugs in the wrong way round if it's possible, or maybe somehow the compressor isn't sealed properly. The piston ring seemed to be fitted correctly as did the O ring, the line from the compressor to the block also seems tight. Anything else I can try before I burn it as a sacrifice?
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