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Cool thanks. I saw its around $500. Where can this be installed? I see that its only half din which is cool. Can it be installe upright. like in the center console or is did you have another place for it to be?

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Having seen block try this and be successful, I am even more inspired to ry this, however, going from Block's experience, I would want to map out the pin moves so that it is really clear before I start as the car is used as a daily driver and could not be off the road for days on end.

The issue at the moment, is that I saw another 1999 s320 owner with a standard radio cassette (as I have) had completed a transition from the standard radio cassette to a Comand 2.5 and then more recently to a Comand 2.0. However, asking around, I keep getting told that moving from a 1999 s320 without Comand to installing a Comand 2.5 or 2.0 would not be possible. Can anyone help inform me as to whether this is possible or not?

I have posted photos of my radio cassette unit including existing wiring on Page 5 & 6 of this post:

Is someone able to let me know which connectors on my unit are which? I have 3 block connectors:

1. Top connector with 3 cables coloured Green (top far left pin - assume it is pin 01), White (bottom far left pin - assume it is pin 06 and White bottom and second from far left - assume it is pin 07)
2. Middle connector - speaker cables
3. Bottom connector - Power, audio mute, ignition, etc.

And, whether these could be wired easily to accomodate a new Comand 2.0 unit, or is it just too much of a headache to complete? I am not worried about TV or sat nav - though if they were easy to have working that would clearly be great. My main interest is in radio, CD and having a clear display and modern unit.

If anyone is interested in completing a wiring diagram of my current connectors and the mapping to the new connectors with pin shifts and additional connectors, I am sure that members would be more than happy to pay for a copy of this as it would make understanding the job so much easier and ensure that people are not asking the same questions over and over.

I want to consider this properly as I would need to cut the supporting bar for the old radio cassette unit which makes the process non-reversible.

Any help would be really appreciated before I abandon this altogether.


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Guess that I will be giving up on this as no-one has been able to help. Ta to those who have responded to date.

Anyone else tempted to try on a car with a radio cassette system (i.e. no Comand) let me know. If anyone wants a Comand 2.0 let me know.


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If anyone know's how to expand tv picture from old tv-tuner to full screen of new retrofit Comand 2.0 please tell . When i disconnect the C2 connector with CAN-signal to the tv-tuner and reconect it with swiched on comand picture is expand to the full screen , but when i power off the comand and then on the picture of tv-tuner is back to 4:3 :crybaby2:

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the price for the unit is $1233 but could use more info on the actual unit here is a translate from the page

Fits W220 S-Class. Do you like the MB original look, so is this unit for you.

- Suitable for a facelift panel.

- Fits 03-06 W220 & W215

- Also fits 99-02 if you do facelift conversion.

- Plug n Play. Everything works as with the original stereo.

- Everything will speed up in the info as before.

- Steering wheel buttons works as before.

- Original CD changer fits into it.

- Original Subwoffer suited to it!

- Ready to September-October 2010!!

1st 7.0 inch digital car dvd player (800 * 480) with a subwoofer output and you can link to the original subwoofer!
2nd Speed camera warning function or rear vision.
3rd CDC: Compatible for the original six CDC or CDC 10
4th DVB-T Can Be optional fee (30km/per hour, support wire antenna, impove signal sensitivity)
5th E-book function - E-book: read, browse and games pics
6th Steering Wheel Control (CAN BUS compatible air conditioning)
7th Bluetooth: BT-music, phone book, call
8th Mucic: MP3, MP4, IPOD ready
9th Optional TMC: Traffic Message Channel
10th Tire Pressure Monitoring System: compatible for those who have it.
11th SD card: Great NAV software or multimedia New Type SDHC Card, Max 32GB
12th Victims USB HOST1.1 Jack, can read U disc, card reader
13th 17 languages to choose from:: English, Germantown, French, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, Finland, Roumania, Greek, Russian, Poland
14th Radio Area: China, U.S., Latin America, Europe, Ressia Japan
15th Compatible with DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, MPEG4, CD-R, WMA and JPEG play-backs
16th Built-in AM / FM Radio, RDS, movie, Time, Calendar
17th Built-in amplifier 4x45watt

Navigation Software equest
1st 5.0 CORE
2nd Built-in GPS. 17 languages to choose from:
3rd GPS Dual zone function
4th Navigation PCBs COM2, Baud Rate: 9600bps, The Path of storageing SD CARDS map: \ Storage Card \ *. exe, The Path of storageing NAND flash map: \ Nand Flash \ *. exe.
5th Maps to suit: Igo 8, Route66, Gate5, Papagos

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Just wanted to share this great upgrade I did my self...Everything working.

So my next step I was thinking about is:

The W203 NTG1 comand with DVD has the exact same buttons on the front panel as the W220 but dont use MOST so I was thinking, would it not be possible to buy a W220 unit and a W203 unit and just swop the inside from the W203 unit to the W220 unit and there you have a DVD version in your old W220...??? What you think about that?

Hello Chris, I want to replace my old comand 2.5 on my S-Class W220 (year 1999) with new comand 2.0 widescreen. Which parts do I need? What about speed signal? Please let me know. Thanks
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