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This is just a hope of a post to see if anyone has had any success with installing a useful backup camera into their E350 that actually works. My 2013 wagon is a dream car and an advanced automobile; however I am STUNNED that the camera system on the car is Neanderthal at best! I had the dealer update the software and aim it to the maximum allowed and it still shows a Horrible picture that makes one wondering which car they actually got into. No guidelines, no distance markers, NOTHING to help the driver and a fisheye view that stunningly useless. The dealer Service Manager, who has been there for 40 years and whom I know very very well, told me that I am stuck with this POS on a car that cost $63000 new.
My question to the forum---after the well-deserved rant at MB---is Has Anyone replaced this POS with a real camera that provides guidelines and distance markers etc.? Cheap-a*s RV's have excellent cameras so I can't see why we can't put another unit in there. Being new to the model I am not familiar with what signal the little camera is sending but I Cannot accept that it is a proprietary MB signal. It has to be PAL or NTSC and a common voltage etc.
So can anyone help?
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