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2007 W211 E320 Bluetec
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I need to change my rear springs... I called the dealer and I asked for a original spring but I asked him to raise my back by 4 mm which means an extra Burl in the shim.
My original spring was A2113240504 (1 x Yelllow/ 2 x Blue) and the top shim was A2113250484 (17MM). As you can see in the picture, my original shim had 3 discs and top hat which makes it for a total of 4 Burls.

The spring i got was A2113240604 with a 1 x Blue/ 1 x Green
The shim is A2113250384 with 2 discs and a top hat so total of 3 Burls (13MM)

Did I get the right parts?

I'm also attaching new setup.


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