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Hi, I'm considering Changing or Adding a new AMG to my family. My little C36 is asking for a Big Sister.

Since I'm not a huge fan of 2 doors cars (the only one I would buy is the CLK 63 Black Serie that I felt in love with. but WAY to expensive for me and illegal in Canada)

So, I like mostly 4 doors cars. At the Beginning I was looking at the E55 W211 and the CLS55 but after looking at them a long time, (especially the E55) I wasn't sure about the look and there a little thing (maybe you would call this weird) but it's about the shifting paddles on the E55 and CLS55 in my opinion they look hard to reach since they're pretty small.

So after looking at the E63 and CLS63 I was more pleased with the look Sedan but agressive they give. The thing I wonder is if the cars are reliables ?? I heard about the 55 AMG ones that they were subjects of problems.

anyone have some experiences about the the W211 and W219 AMG series ? (E55, E63, CLS55 and CLS63)

Thank you guys !
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