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W211 E55 wheels on W211 E320

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Will the OEM wheels which were mounted on a W211 E55 AMG fit on my stock W211 E320? Wheels are 18x8 front and 18x9 rear, I have no clue what the off set is.

I have seen the wheels on the car and would assume that W211 to W211 should fit with no problems, regardless of stock E320 or E55 AMG.

Can anyone please confirm?

Thanks in advance.
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Front offset on the E55 wheels is 30mm and for the rear is 39mm.

I did not post "should fit". I posted they will fit because they will.
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That is a good point.

However if the OP knows they came from a W211 and the wheels were original to the E55 then he is good to go.
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