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2005 E55 AMG
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My 2005 E55 AMG with Clear Bra

Here's my Benz that was done by Walnut Creek Customs. Dan is a great guy that dose loads of these. Here's a quote from his email on the process.

"Yes we did speak about the paint
protection film (clear bra) that covers the entire hood, entire fenders,
bumper, lower valance, side view mirrors, and door strips. To answer your
questions yes we do a full outside steam detail and distilled water
presurwash (this will prevent water spotting) then we air dry the vehicle
to prevent scratching or swirling the paint (this happens alot on black
cars when people use towles, even micro fibers to dry the car with). We
then do a full claybar waxing and polishing on the entire car to bring
back a rich shine and smooth paint feel. This is acomplished by doing a
paint sealent on the car and the bra so that waxing the vehicle in the
future is un-necessary. The paint sealent fills in the pours of your
paint and removes grime and prevents it from sticking to the car in the
future. Then we put the car on the lift and proceed to remove the front
bumper and headlights, as we wrap these seperatley to get the best look
and finish. Then we wrap the hood, fenders, mirrors and door strips. The
film we use has a lifetime warranty against fading, peeling, or bubling or


21 - 40 of 72 Posts
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