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2004 E270 CDI W211
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I have a few questions and maybe a new way of recycling the older power folding mirrors from the W210.

Firstly, what I did. (My Frankenstein folding mirror)

When I got my E class it looked like it had power folding mirrors, as it had the control button for it, but when pressed nothing happened and on closer inspection I found that the mirrors were just standard non folding. So wanting power folding mirrors and not wanting to pay a fortune for them I went on to my favourite auction site and managed to pick up a driver’s side PF mirror for not too much. But I was having problems getting the passenger side. In the end I found a cheap frame from a W210 and from the picture they looked very similar, so I took a punt and sure enough had very similar workings, but the part the cover slips over was different and of course the wiring was different. So what I did was take my standard mirror, pulled it apart, giving me the main frame and the part I didn't want, the non motorized part. I then pulled the W210 mirror apart which gave me the motorized part and the main frame part I didn't want. I then used the wiring from the non motorized mirror and added the wires that go to the motor, chopping off the connector from the W210 wiring loom. I now have a power folding W211 mirror for the price of the very cheap (£19:50) donor W210 mirror.

The part where I need the help.

Problem Solved :) I have left the problem, just in case it helps in any way.

On closer inspection and testing of my Frankenstein folding mirror on the driver’s side and having no problems with it at all, I decided to take a closer look at the door controller on the passenger side, thinking that maybe a pin was bent. What I found, was the connector that controlles the power folding had no pins inside it at all. So at some point in the cars past one of the controllers has been changed. So I now have a new (second hand) door controller on order and fingers crossed, this should solve the problem.

Original Problem...

Now the problem I'm having and the main reason I'm putting this post up, is that I copied the wiring from the driver’s side PF mirror, thinking that they should be the same, but the mirror doesn't fold. So thinking I have a faulty motor I used the known working mirror from the driver’s side to test the passenger side, but it still doesn't fold. So what I need to know is if the wiring is the same and if it is I have a faulty Door control unit and if it isn't the same, can someone let me know where the wires go in to the connector for the power folding motor. All other aspects of the mirror work, mirror adjustment and heated mirror.

Just for clarity, I live in the UK and this is a right hand drive car.

Any help would be much appreciated and if people think this is useful and would like me to take pics of what I did, I will.

Thanks Mark
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