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Good afternoon to all lovers of a star on the hood,

bought last November w211, 2004, 220 CDI. I drove about 12,000 km on it. We moved to another country and urgently needed a car, bought the first one with a passion, so, as they say, a bad head ... but the question is not about that. I will make the next post about this issue on the psychology forum later.

After the purchase, I immediately changed all the filters, oil, oil in the gearbox (with flushing), in addition, I replaced the solenoid, because the gearbox kicked (after change it stopped, Mercedes ref part number: A240271700). Immediately after the purchase, I noticed that when I pressed the gas pedal, I could see some smoke in the rear window. During normal driving, the smoke is not particularly visible. 4 weeks ago I crossed Europe and one fine morning, when nothing foreshadowed trouble after starting the car, the check engine light came on. I drove with it on about 40 km, then stopped for about 20 minutes. I started car several times, the check engine light somehow disappeared. I went to diagnostics and it showed nothing wrong. After that, the check engine came on again about once every two weeks, but then it disappeared by itself.

On this occasion, I sat up my dusty Launch, now I only go somewhere with it. Last weekend I made another run of 940 km in one direction, I got to the place without any problems. Returning back, after another stop for lunch, a check engine light came up again after starting the car. When the gas pedal was pressed, some sound emanated from under the hood after 2000 rpm, like bad bearing or pipe leaking, no thrust, car was not able to accelerate above 80 kmh. Also the error was thrown:

2359-1 Check Charge Air System. Too Low Boost Pressure

I went the nearest gas station, because it was in the mountains and there are no services. I decided not to reset the errors, but to reach the house and press the buttons there for clearing errors. I came home, cleared the errors, disconnected battery for the night. Dismantled everything near the turbine. The turbine is clean, there is oil in the pipe, but not that much, there is no longitudinal backlash, the diagonal backlash is minimal, there is no noise during rotation, the hoses seems to be fine.
Smoke: black smoke, when the gas is pressed, the smell is pungent when idling. I drove about 100 km on car, there is no check engine so far, but there is smoke, there is also a whistle noise after 2000.

I checked the generator, during engine on voltage rises to 13.8 volts, during engine off voltage is 12.6 volts

File: MERCEDES (DTC) _968590099009_20200729221821.pdf - this is right after the check engine during mountains drive, a whistling noise appeared and thrust loss (the car did not drive more than 80 km/h). After that I have cleared the errors, drove the car, cleared errors again.
File: MERCEDES (DTC) _968590099009_20200730223316 - the next day, after investigating turbo and disconnecting the battery..
File: MERCEDES (DTC) _968590099009_20200801105347 - what we have right now.

What are the assumptions?
  • turbine
  • nozzles
  • EGR
  • particulate filter
  • catalyst converter
Am I leaning towards turbine + catalyst converter?

VIN number can be found in files attached.


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