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1999 E55 AMG, 2003 E500
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Hi everyone.

Stuck in Mexico with my 1999 W210 E55 AMG. Trying to secure the self locking nut for the follower (upper) ball joint as they should be changed out when removed. The situation is a bit complicated, but the joint itself is in good shape. The bottom nuts are readily available, but the follower nut ain't.

Part #A202 990 08 51 Lower Ball Joint/Tie Rod End Nuts

Part #N910118 010000 Upper Follower Nut

Is the top nut the same as the lower nuts even though they're different OEM numbers?

I believe the spec on the lower threads is 14x1.5mm. I think they're different part numbers for a reason, but is this the same for the top nut?

Someone want to be my new best friend?
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