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W210 Lighted Mirror Fitment Question

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Wondering If a 2000-2002 E-class Mirror with turn light will fit on a 1997 E420????!!! And if it will how hard will it be to wire to get the light to operate? Thanks!!
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Yes to answer your first question they will fit. The section question is yes as well, but you must use your wiring harness from the mirrors currently on your car. I can e-mail you the instruction concerning changing the pins so you don't lose functions. Send me you e-mail address.
Use the search feature on this site and type in "blinker mirror" to get lots of information. Owners of the C-Class W202 and E-Class W210 have been doing it for a long time.
E Klasse, with all the posts and experience you have on this side mirror turning lights i have a couple of questions.

1. Is the quality of the NON-OEM being sold on Ebay any good?
2. If i was going to opt for the OEM 2000 mirrors to fit my '99 E320 whole mirror swap out, do you have a point of contact or number or site where I can buy them from?

Thanks for the help

I got some from there over a year ago,and they still work fine!!!

Hope that helps!!!
The aftermarket ones are made of good quality plastic like the OEM ones. They are easier to install because you just add the blinker wires instead of changing the whole wiring harness. It comes down to a style preference. I liked the OEM ones better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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