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w210 gearbox fault

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:thought id update:: my gearbox problem back in mid october,i had a garage fit a used gearbox,from day 1 of getting car back things didnt seem right,it went in with gearbox trouble,came out with 8faults ranging from removing cigarette and forgetting to connect it etc,brake interlock not workin because i could put car in gear with foot off brake.
well anyway to the point,about 2weeks ago i noticed puddle of trans fluid on my drive,i jacked car and removed undertray and it was full of fluid.
you could see it was leaking from where gearbox joins bell housing.well me and my twin 12 yr old girls where on our way to northolt last night,we just got on M25 ,put my foot down and i couldnt and didnt expect what had just happened,the car started revving and no gears.i am fuming after spending £500+ on gearbox and £340+ on gearbox being fitted even tho we agreed a price of £200 to fit it,basicly he charged me for a polish guy fitting wrong gearbox!!!basicly me and my twins had to leave car at northolt and get a lift back,did make it in limp mode very slowly.what a great new year!!! where do i stand on this as im fuming,i had my doubts about the guy fitting my gearbox and raised it with the owner who replied with he knows his stuff as he is a anorak and owns a eclass himself!!!
i am devastated to say the least.
hope you can help.
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There are Polish guys in here ;)
Hate to point it, but getting used transmission without a warranty wasn't too smart, while trying to drive a car after discovering a puddle of fluid under was plain stupid.
Sorry for bad start of New Year, but I can feel only some pity for ya.
Sounds like immigrants working harder for less are World wide issue.
England has Polish workers, US has Mexicans, Poland has Ukrainians, Germany has Turkish, and so on.
I think that in all those places their help was appreciated when was really needed, but once the economy shows problem, everybody is blaming it on immigrants.
You have to have some methods of complains about butchered job?. In US we have Better Business Bureau that investigate the complains and leave permanent records.
If the shop forced wrong transmission, that would be a case for License Board. This people in US are no joke. Don't think the shop would like to loose the license over few hundreds euro, or pounds.
Good luck
... a prime example was a hse i was painting a year ago,there was a polish electrician,really nice lad.when the electricity board came in to test the property to give it certificate the guy was shocked,basicly the whole house was condemmend due to his wiring and had to be re-done by an english sparky..
So she wired English house per Polish codes? Common issue as here, in US we have lot of issues where in pursuit of cheaper stuff some big chains are buying Chinese toys painted with led based paint.
Led paint in perfectly legal in China, but considered poison in USA.
We can dispute to what percentage can we blame the workers doing the job to their best knowledge and to what percentage the blame is on managers ordering the product without checking if it will meet the local codes.
Coming back to mechanical issues, transmission slippage without gear grinding is mostly due lack of fluid. That makes perfect sense with your report about big puddle. Even if you refilled the fluid, it leaked as well.
I hope the owner of the garage will stand up to his duties and give you proper response what is happening.
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