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w210 gearbox fault

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:thought id update:: my gearbox problem back in mid october,i had a garage fit a used gearbox,from day 1 of getting car back things didnt seem right,it went in with gearbox trouble,came out with 8faults ranging from removing cigarette and forgetting to connect it etc,brake interlock not workin because i could put car in gear with foot off brake.
well anyway to the point,about 2weeks ago i noticed puddle of trans fluid on my drive,i jacked car and removed undertray and it was full of fluid.
you could see it was leaking from where gearbox joins bell housing.well me and my twin 12 yr old girls where on our way to northolt last night,we just got on M25 ,put my foot down and i couldnt and didnt expect what had just happened,the car started revving and no gears.i am fuming after spending £500+ on gearbox and £340+ on gearbox being fitted even tho we agreed a price of £200 to fit it,basicly he charged me for a polish guy fitting wrong gearbox!!!basicly me and my twins had to leave car at northolt and get a lift back,did make it in limp mode very slowly.what a great new year!!! where do i stand on this as im fuming,i had my doubts about the guy fitting my gearbox and raised it with the owner who replied with he knows his stuff as he is a anorak and owns a eclass himself!!!
i am devastated to say the least.
hope you can help.
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There are Polish guys in here ;)
Hate to point it, but getting used transmission without a warranty wasn't too smart, while trying to drive a car after discovering a puddle of fluid under was plain stupid.
Sorry for bad start of New Year, but I can feel only some pity for ya.
watch out!!!
im just stating a point about the guy being polish because in england theres a problem,lack of jobs etc and employers are using polish for there gain buy paying them low wages thus doing english out of work,nothing against polish as they are only doing what we would probably do if chance of earning money was put our way,but that aside when when i was being phoned by garage on 3 occasions because he hit a few probs and could i come in to have a look,the 1st time i went to look was when he fitted wrong gearbox and couldnt fit brake interlock i noticed the gearbox housing didnt even match where mine went and i pointed this out,was told it should be ok,then rang again couldnt get any no mechanic but if i was replacing something i would atleast compare item before fitting..and as for when i discovered puddle under my car i didnt drive it like that without any fluid in,i topped up with fluid so less of the stupid yeah!!and as for no warranty on gearbox it came with 3months if im right.thats not the issue anyway,its about the garage and the lack of service and bodging my motor,even to a point of using a hammer to whack torque converter into gearbox bcuz it didnt fit straight in,surely that isnt right?
when the safety of myself and more importantly my children is put at risk by bad workmanship then yeah iim going to be just abit angry and the garage will bear the brunt of it when they open,paying £500+ for a gearbox and then £400+ for fitting it only to come out with more probs and to end up leaving me and my twins stranded on the M25 new years eve.TOP JOB.
so thanx for your usefull input to my prob.
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Sounds like immigrants working harder for less are World wide issue.
England has Polish workers, US has Mexicans, Poland has Ukrainians, Germany has Turkish, and so on.
I think that in all those places their help was appreciated when was really needed, but once the economy shows problem, everybody is blaming it on immigrants.
You have to have some methods of complains about butchered job?. In US we have Better Business Bureau that investigate the complains and leave permanent records.
If the shop forced wrong transmission, that would be a case for License Board. This people in US are no joke. Don't think the shop would like to loose the license over few hundreds euro, or pounds.
Good luck

dont get me wrong i know its the case all over the world and yeah they are hard workers as ive worked with some myself,i dont blame anyone wanting to better there life,but a prime example was a hse i was painting a year ago,there was a polish electrician,really nice lad.when the electricity board came in to test the property to give it certificate the guy was shocked,basicly the whole house was condemmend due to his wiring and had to be re-done by an english sparky.i suppose its my own fault really for allowing them to continue especially after seeing him use a hammer to smash torque converter in place.but my 1st port of call will no doubt be the garage who fitted it 1st thing tomorrow.
The leak probably led to a low fluid level triggering a malfunction code and putting the tranny into limp home mode.

A leak of tranny fluid at the bell housing is very unusual since there is normally no fluid inside there. It could mean a leak from the torque converter (drain plug?) or at a shaft seal.
hi hirnbeiss so in your opinion do you think the problem is an easy one to sort or isit a big issue??
when my original gearbox went it was making a terrible grinding noise before each gear finally went,on this occasion me and my girls were driving about an hr before we joined M25,i put my foot down to overtake a car and thats when the car just revved really high and i lost gears,there is no grinding and i managed to get the car to a safe place in limp mode.
So she wired English house per Polish codes? Common issue as here, in US we have lot of issues where in pursuit of cheaper stuff some big chains are buying Chinese toys painted with led based paint.
Led paint in perfectly legal in China, but considered poison in USA.
We can dispute to what percentage can we blame the workers doing the job to their best knowledge and to what percentage the blame is on managers ordering the product without checking if it will meet the local codes.
Coming back to mechanical issues, transmission slippage without gear grinding is mostly due lack of fluid. That makes perfect sense with your report about big puddle. Even if you refilled the fluid, it leaked as well.
I hope the owner of the garage will stand up to his duties and give you proper response what is happening.
yeah basicly he wired the house as he would have in poland.
well hopefully tomorrow i will atleast get somewhere with garage.
i am hopeing like you say its purely atf issue i really do,so am i right in thinking even if theres enough fluid in there the computer will need to be reset???
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