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Specifically, the key was not able to be removed when turned back to position 0 (zero).
Key was able to start car, and luckily I was able to drive and use all gear positions.
At first, I thought it must not be in Park, but it was (at least according to the shift lever position). Maybe EIS doesn't sense car is in Park so I started the car, put it into other gears, returned it to Park; no dice.
Found a few common issues online--brake switch, loose ignition switch trim ring (causing key ignition assembly to be loose)--so comfirmed trim ring was already securely attached; so of course, again, no dice.
So replaced the brake switch (already had one on hand since I was planning to replace the original unit); issue persisted.
Now, with other variables out of the way, it must be that EIS doesn't see car in Park so I carefully removed the black trim from around the shift lever plate, gingerly removed window switches panel.
There I noticed, in the upper right corner (see attached pic), that a round, white, plastic sleeve, through which it seems a cable/rod goes through, wasn't fully seated so shift lever position wasn't being translated properly to EIS.
Trying to manipulate the plastic sleeve by finger, I accidentally dislodged it further.
With careful thumb and fore finger I was able to guide the plastic sleeve to a securely seated position near the shift lever assembly.
Note, there are two protrusions (as on tail light bulbs; think twist-to-lock), on the sides of the metal piece of said cable/rod, which help keep it securely in proper position with the shift lever assembly.
Thankfully, I was then able to remove the key from the ignition as usual.
Hope this helps somebody.


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