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Hi folks. Thanks again for all your help here.

The Merc starts in temepratures down to -10, gradually worse pickup as it gets colder. (sounds like it doesnt run on all 4). At 0 degrees it starts easilly, hesitates, alomst dies and then runs fine again. After starting and stable it runs fine.

However a few times on the mountain last year it just didnt start, and temeteratures was ranging between -15 and -25. Cold as hell and no environment for a grumphy ca I telly ya, almost froze to death. Several attempts, no difference. Tried a can of start gas, still jhust cranking and no fire. Hokced up a big azz charger/booster, same problem. engine turns over but no start. An expensive tow and 24 hours of defrosting in a warm garage got it going again. Plugs were wet on inspection.

In cold conditions it usually ignite on the first atemmpts, but not enough to get it started. Think it gradually foul the plugs as i keep trying and then theres nothing.

Wonder where to start. Im afraid that my maintenance on the car so far has been on the need to do basis as its a 97 with 130k miles. I have no idea where the petrol filter is so havent replaced that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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