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W210 A/C issues please help!!

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hello everyone !!! New to the forum here!! I have a 1997 E320 with around 275K on the clock
I currently have the modication S-class resistor on the fan motor.
I will run A/C on high , blows nice and cold. But after about 10 minutes without touching fan control speed it will
die down to a low blow barely coming out of vents, after a few seconds it blasts cold again and just keeps doing this. blow hard for a minute or two, then nothing for a few seconds then cranks hard again! The compressor does leak so I do add a/c freon about once a year.
Driving me nuts, I thought it was the blower motor that was bad. so i went to a junkyard and found a nice 1998 E-class and pulled a fan motor from it.
I then installed S-class resistor on the junk yard fan motor and still the same problem ! air cabin filter is new, new duo control valve
I have no idea what the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated/ Thank you. =)
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Hello :)

I would display the sensor menu on the climate controller unit and check the blower motor control reading to see whether the speed change is ordered by the controller, or the speed output signal to the controller is fixed to a valu and the blower regulator is doing its own thing.

Here is how you can display the menu:
starts from step 2 and item 10 provides the voltage for the blower.

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