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W210 A/C issues please help!!

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hello everyone !!! New to the forum here!! I have a 1997 E320 with around 275K on the clock
I currently have the modication S-class resistor on the fan motor.
I will run A/C on high , blows nice and cold. But after about 10 minutes without touching fan control speed it will
die down to a low blow barely coming out of vents, after a few seconds it blasts cold again and just keeps doing this. blow hard for a minute or two, then nothing for a few seconds then cranks hard again! The compressor does leak so I do add a/c freon about once a year.
Driving me nuts, I thought it was the blower motor that was bad. so i went to a junkyard and found a nice 1998 E-class and pulled a fan motor from it.
I then installed S-class resistor on the junk yard fan motor and still the same problem ! air cabin filter is new, new duo control valve
I have no idea what the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated/ Thank you. =)
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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