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Hey guys
my wagon has a bad secondary cat in the right side exhaust. I'd like to replace the entire front exhaust section on that side but Im having a very hard time finding the part. The code Im getting from EPC is 210-490-18-47 for the '02 E320 4matic right side front exhaust pipe.

On the web Im getting parts listed for the wagon that don't specify they are for a 4matic model but look identical to the part Im looking at in EPC.
the part number Im getting from Pelican is 210-490-96-47
I was thinking the PN's could be different for refurbished systems, which is what Im looking at.

Can anyone confirm that the front exhaust pipes are the same for 4matic and RWD cars of the same year E320?
Im also curious is the exhausts are the same pre and post facelift and just have different part numbers..

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