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W210 1999 E300 engine oil leak

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My '99 turbo diesel has an oil leak that appears to be coming from the drivers side of the engine block, behind the injector pump assembly.
A while back, my service guys said that the injector pump would have to be pulled to get at some kind of gasket/plate they thought was the source of the leak.

Anyone ever have any experience with such a leak? It doesn't pour out, but it leaks so bad that it smells up the car and is making a mess of the driveway. And I've actually had to add oil between changes.

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Adding oil between changes doesn't have to be indication of oil leak.
Those engines do not have common oil leak problems, but they do have common fuel leak problems due to deteriorating tubings with orings.
How old are your tubings?
Did shop actually did confirm any leaking point, or they just come with 4-digits estimate without closer look?
That sounds a lot like SOV oring leak. There is no motor oil connection there and IP does not bolt to the block - it is hold by front cover flange and has single bolt bracket on the back.
Just because it looks black still is not convincing me it is oil. I had coolant leak, that after washing engine residues was dripping black like motor oil.
Stuff some paper towels behind IP and try to pinpoint it.
Now you know why I don't go for oil change to any shop.
I see some having $9 oil change special with your materials.
I still don't do it.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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