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W210 1999 E300 engine oil leak

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My '99 turbo diesel has an oil leak that appears to be coming from the drivers side of the engine block, behind the injector pump assembly.
A while back, my service guys said that the injector pump would have to be pulled to get at some kind of gasket/plate they thought was the source of the leak.

Anyone ever have any experience with such a leak? It doesn't pour out, but it leaks so bad that it smells up the car and is making a mess of the driveway. And I've actually had to add oil between changes.

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Thanks Kajtek1, this is engine oil, not fuel.
I think we did those hoses back in '06 after the super low sulphur fuel started having fun with the system. This oil comes down the side of the engine block from behind the injector pump (where I guess it bolts to the block) and ends up drippinging into the belly pan and out the vent holes. It's black as pitch and is the Rotella syn that I use.

I am headed to the 'four digit shop' for a quote because this looks way beyond the plug-and-play kind of stuff that I'll attempt. I thought I'd check with the Forum and see if anyone has seen this before. It's no longer a drip, it's nearly a leak now.
I appreciated your taking time to consider.
Well this is interesting and embarrassing all at once. The MB shop found a bad o-ring on the oil filter housing. The big one at the top on the cover had flattened out allowing substantial seepage.
I did not change my own oil this last time; I had the guys who rotate my tires do it. I supplied the oil and filter as they typically won’t have a MB diesel filter in stock or the Rotella brand diesel engine oil. I’m guessing that the tech did not install the new o-ring that comes in the filter kit, merely using the old one to save time. At least that’s my guess. The shop charged me $50 labor and $23 for a new filter. So I think I got off light.
Thanks for your comments, Gents.
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