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w209 2004 transmission downshifts all the way even with one tap on the (-)

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Hello guys hope you could help me out with this, i just bought a CLK200 2004 w209 Cabrio and i am trying to figure out the problem with the gearbox, when i try to downshift from D to 4 the car downshifts all the way to 1 instead and i am not holding the stick to the (-) just one tap does it.

Is there a way to reset it? or what is the problem with it? was i dooped into buying a lemon???? any help or suggestions would be helpful.

Another side issue the command keeps switching to radio when i am using the changers very weird.
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I suspect the contacts on the TouchShift are dirty. I had this problem on my W163 and I took it apart to clean them and did a write-up on the job. The disassembly of the console on the W209 is not exactly the same, but once you get into the TouchShift itself, it similar enough. See if this might help (if you are so inclined for the DIY job):
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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