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w209 2004 transmission downshifts all the way even with one tap on the (-)

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Hello guys hope you could help me out with this, i just bought a CLK200 2004 w209 Cabrio and i am trying to figure out the problem with the gearbox, when i try to downshift from D to 4 the car downshifts all the way to 1 instead and i am not holding the stick to the (-) just one tap does it.

Is there a way to reset it? or what is the problem with it? was i dooped into buying a lemon???? any help or suggestions would be helpful.

Another side issue the command keeps switching to radio when i am using the changers very weird.
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Nop I didn't get the codes read yet but before buying I had it inspected on star SDS but nothing came up on tran being faulty
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