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Fuse chart layout for W209 2004 CLK


I found a number of posts where people are looking for Fuse box layouts, and didn't find one for the W209.

I was looking to take a fuse out to disable the Anti Theft Alarm (ATA).
Unfortunately there are other functions which share these same 3 fuses (airbags, central locking etc.), so I've given up on that.

I've posted 4 photos (2 per side of paper) of the fuse chart found in my cockpit driver's side compartment. I found other threads that had unreadably small writing in the scanned fuse layout attachments, and I wanted these to be clearly readable.

Regarding my temperamental ATA, I try not to use it (certainly not overnight): I use the dashboard central locking switch to lock the passenger door and boot (drivers door open), then use the metal key to lock the drivers door. I've disconnected the audible alarm, just in case I, my wife or son forget and arm the ATA. It's not worth upsetting neighbours, or losing my own sleep, or flattening the main battery.

Fortunate to live in a low crime area. Unfortunate to have a temperamental ATA: no water ingress, all door, boot/trunk, hood/bonnet switches seem OK - disabled the interior motion sensor and tow away alarms at the dashboard switch, but still it goes off randomly.

Maybe I'll get MB to have a look after Xmas, if I've any money left over. It seems like it's Xmas everyday for them when we get faults (according to some ATA fault threads anyway).

Thanks to everyone else who's posted valuable info/tips.


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